Sharing A Meditation Experience


Do you meditate?  I am not very good at it usually, but in a group session I am better at meditating.  I don’t know why, but as you may remember from my post from Deepak, I have a tough time trusting him to mind the time!  When in a group session, I seem to be able to relax more!  Who knew?

Today, I went to a special mediation session to which one of the participants brought her dog.  Unfortunately, the dog had a hard time settling down until the last mediation which when he finally settled down, I had a beautiful vision.

I felt warm, sitting there on the floor against a back rest with pillows.  My hands folded together on my lap, I sat quietly, feeling the loving energy peacefully surrounding us in the room.

Eyes closed, I saw nothing but darkness, until I felt the top of my head open up at the crown.  I had the vision of being in one of those eggs from the movie called Cocoon.  Do you remember the eggs in the bottom of the pool?  I felt like my body was like one of those eggs and slowly, my body began to crack open as if I were being birthed, released and set free.  From the top of my crown, as the crack reached my head, a beautiful golden light emerged that was me.  My soul, my heart, my mind and my energy.

I heard the word LOVE over and over and over again, almost like a chant even though the physical room I was in was completely silent.


The egg which housed and was my physical body was completely cracked in half and laid open and the golden light was beaming from the entire center, filling up the room with love.  I knew it was me as the light grew bigger and bigger, filling up the room, then the building and then out into the Universe, steadily growing and glowing until I heard the bell signal that the meditation was over.

It took a few minutes for me to emerge from the beautiful meditation experience.  While in that meditation, my breathing hiccuped a few times which for me means – Hey, pay attention!  There’s something important is going on here!

It was a lovely moment for me, one that I will treasure.  Have you ever had any types of meditation experiences that you’d like to share?  Please do!  I’d love to hear them!

Shine On!


Um ~ OM ~ Day One ~ I need help!


Today I am open to the presence of Miracles.

Day One  ~ Deepak and Oprah’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Today I started the Free 21 Day Meditation Challenge ~ Click Here to Join Me! and after finishing the 15 minute session, I realized that I have a lot of work ahead of me.   The simple notion that I can stay still, keep my mind focused on OM and continue to painstakingly banish the multitude of thoughts that barrage my mind as I try to keep it quiet, was in a word ~ comical.

Yes indeed.  It’s probably why year after year, I have enthusiastically begun trying to meditate only to throw in the towel after a few days into the exercise.  My monkey brain (as a friend refers to her very busy thought-drenched brain) doesn’t seem to have an off button.  It was when I was trying to meditate, truly giving it my all, that I realized just how busy the voices in my head are!  (And no, it’s not like they are telling me to do anything bad.  It’s just a running commentary, like being at the fights!)

Mediation begins:

OM…Deepak tells us that he’ll ‘mind the time’ and ring a soft bell when the mediating segment is over.  I love that ‘mind the time’ phrase.  It’s so comforting to me.  So here I am, on the couch, palms up in my lap, tv quieted, cat next to me and family asleep upstairs.  Early morning so there would be no distractions, or so I think.

OM…breathing in and out.  OM…

Oh this is nice.  Such peace and quiet.  What am I supposed to be thinking of?  Oh yes, something about today and the presence of miracles.  Wait, I’m supposed to be quiet.  Ok, OM…OM…OM..Uh oh…did I put out the garbage?  I hear the trucks outside.  Oh, but it’s Monday isn’t it?  Garbage goes out on Tuesday.  I’m safe.  Whoops.  Cat jumps off the couch and moseys into the kitchen.  No worries.  I’m still meditating.  OM…OM…OM…OM…Oh my, what is that noise?  Why is the cat meowing?  She’s so loud!  She’s going to wake them all up before my meditation is over.  Perhaps I should stop it and go see what she’s got?  Oh no, are you allowed to stop the meditation?  Meow Meow (plaintive warble coming from the kitchen)  Oh flip, did I feed her today?  That’s why she’s crying.  Do I dare engage and tell her to be quiet? it’s only got to be a few more minutes of this.  Oh geez, there I go again.  Got to get back to OM…OM…breathing in and out…how much longer do I have to sit here?  It’s been awhile….yikes, there I go again.  OM…OM…OM…how do people do this for so long? OM… Um, is this over yet because I have so much to do today.  It’s Monday, beginning of the week.  Let’s see, this one has soccer, that one has lacrosse, what’s for dinner, wow, is that my tummy rumbling?  I’m never hungry this early.   Um…back to OM…OM… Breathe in and out, I’ve heard that you should concentrate on your breathing…ok….OM….OM…. This is supposed to be relaxing, I feel tortured.  Sh…OM…OM…Um, I think I need to go to the bathroom, how much longer do you think this is going to be?  Darn, that coffee has kicked in.  I shouldn’t have had that 2nd cup before mediating….OM…OM…OM…Oh Deepak…Um please ring that bell already!  Deepak….are you minding the time?  Enough already….OM….OM….OM…my breath isn’t coming slowly, this isn’t relaxing…I need practice.  I’m terrible at this.  How can I be suffering so?  I need to do this…OM…OM…Twinkling Bell Rings Softly…Eyes fly open.  Thank Goodness!

Do you mediate?  Do you have any secrets for a beginning who really wants to be able to do this?  I would appreciate any and all suggestions!  Because 21 days is a long time and who knows what I’ll be thinking of next! HA LOL

Join me please and let’s mediate together!

I promise not to OM out loud!

Shine On! ~ Shine OM! ♥


P.S.  I’m not making fun of this special series ~ I’m just making fun of myself as I really want to succeed so please help me!

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