Rabbit Rabbit February 2023

Happy Blessed February and rabbit-rabbit-white-rabbit-white-rabbit/ to all of you! I have our sweet 8 year old kitty Tigger curled up in my lap so it’s a little difficult to type. She’s taken to establishing herself on my lap every morning and affectionately not allowing me to do what I need to do on the computer. She likes it when I kiss the top of her head (like her forehead). Maybe she likes that Third Eye love connection! Either way, it’s lovely to feel as if she wants to be with me and I welcome her open-heartedly. It’s also the time that there’s no pup running around the house because he sleeps in, so she has me all to herself and the house is quiet, so it’s just the two of us.

As for the pup, he’s now over a year old and he’s a big love. He’s a lap dog even at 70 lbs! Buster has changed our lives in so many ways. Who could have predicted that the little ball of white fur could become such a big part of our lives?! I love that my sons have pets as they have taught us all so much! Even though we’ve lost two cats along the way due to old age, Chessie and Tiffy, their loyalty and love lives on in our memories.

I love that February is here as it’s a short month and the theme is LOVE! Just reading/saying the word LOVE makes me smile. Does it do the same for you? I hope so because we all need love. I think it’s just as important as air, water and food as well as connections. Love is not just the saying of ‘I do’ anymore. It’s a universal code of respect, kindness, caring and generosity of spirit. It’s being human with an open heart. Lucky for me, mine’s still beating even though I’ve had some issues with it. So far, though, so good! I can’t believe in June it will be a year since I had open heart surgery. Thank goodness times flies as this part of my life has been a tough ride. But, I’m grateful for all of it!

I hope that this month brings you all the love you can hold (and more!). May you enjoy a February filled with all the goodness that 2023 brings…thanks for stopping by and reading. I hope all is well with all of you! Keep shining your heartlights!

Shine On!


4 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit February 2023

  1. Rabbit rabbit, white rabbit, white rabbit to you also Yvonne. It is the month of love whether via a Tigger, a Buster, your sons or just those things that are in our lives simply because we have attracted them by our love. Glad to hear your heart is beating kind lady, wrapped in your love how could it not. I’m doing well, suffering to walk in our summer heat along the beaches drinking coffee while watching the dolphins play. They even came past my place by the lake last night, I could hear their puffs of breath and the occasional splash as they chased dinner into the shallows. And a couple of nights ago I even got to hear the black swans calling to each other. They don’t make too much sound normally but I think others were flying over so they called to each other. It is such a beautiful sound. I do hope your many animals are keeping you alive and also ‘ridden?’. Have you had the courage for that horse ride yet, or at the least, a hug from one of these dear creatures? You could get one you know, it would sit comfortably on the lounge between Tigger and Buster. Big hugs dear lady, may this month be full of that love….furred, feathered or just plain old friendly 🤣❤️🙏🏽

    • Thank you so much! No riding yet. But hoping to soon. Much going on here at this time so I have been busy. I am glad you’re getting your nature time with your sweet visitors! How wonderful! Stay healthy and may your heart swell knowing how much your generous heart is appreciated. 🥰🙏💝

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