Spinner Blessed My Sunday

Hi! I’m Spinner!

Good morning and Happy Sunday! I’m excited to introduce you to my date this morning. This 28 year old bay named Spinner was my companion on my early horseback riding lesson today. It’s been a few years since I’ve ridden, so it was back to basics for me and Oh, how good it felt!

I was told that Spinner’s a bit of a grumpy old man so we fit together perfectly because I’ve got a soft spot for those and apparently he had a soft spot for a heart-monitor wearing open heart surgery survivor who’s trying to get back in the saddle slowly after a few years of being away…What a win win for me!

I have to tell you, I had butterflies this morning. It’s been a few years since I’d been back to the farm. But the smell of hay and horse felt like nostalgia to me and although a bit nervous, I was calm. Because it felt grounding and centering as horse healing does. I’d forgotten what magnificent creatures horses are and especially I’d forgotten how BIG! I couldn’t even brush the top of his back because I’m too short, but we did the best we could. He was pretty patient with me, only showing his grumpy side a few times and more to my teacher May, than to me. I think he instinctively knew I needed kid gloves today especially. They’re so intuitive! Who could blame him though because I’d interrupted his relaxing morning with a lesson?! Big smile..

It’s interesting to me because in my head, it’s all so natural to ride and yet, when I’m there, in reality, I’m nervous which is why I keep coming back to riding. Because I want my imagination and reality to merge, to blend, so that I am riding with more ease. Of course, I’m always looking to soak up that horse healing energy!

I’m so much more aware of my body when I’m on a horse. Aren’t you? That was another one of those revelations as May led us around the outdoor arena. I’d forgotten what it’s like to ride, to sit up tall, to hold the reins, butt in the saddle and feet angled in the stirrups (heels down). To be so high up off the ground is surprising too! (Maybe that’s a short girl thing?)

We worked on steering (not sure if that’s the right vocabulary word?) while in the outdoor ring. It’s been awhile so I was a little rusty. I remembered how to hold the reins, but the nuances were buried. They’re getting unearthed now though! After awhile, May took us on a riding tour of the farm which was awesome too. To be relaxed, on horseback, seeing the ponds, the deer, the other horses, the barns, the trails, to be outdoors on a cool day…just magical. Truly. Magical.

So, Happy Sunday everyone…mine started out beautifully and I had to share with you because, well, we have to count these small moments of triumph even if they don’t last long. They deserve to be heralded a little bit because they count.

We all count…Thanks to May and Sasha for their infinite patience with me as this next chapter unfolds. You’ve heard horses are healing, but to experience that healing is beyond words…I feel a lil’ teary as I write this (sorry for the long post), but I’m feeling very grateful and very blessed.

I hope you have a lovely Sunday too…

Shine On!


11 thoughts on “Spinner Blessed My Sunday

  1. Hey Yvonne, and yaaaaaay! I’m jealous even, and Spinner, he looks a champion. You’ve done something I’ve wanted to do for sooooo long, being around those magnificent animals is definitely a healing like no other. I would have tears too my friend, its like coming home after a very long hard trip. And I’m glad that you are able to go there, let alone get on and ride in the clouds. Take a bow dear lady, a very ‘heartfelt’ return to something that resides in your heart. Fantastic, and thank you for sharing! It must be time for me to go for a drive to the racetrack and at least see and smell some of these beauties 🤣❤️🙏🏽

    • Hi Mark! Oh yes, I have a huge grin on my face after riding again! How did you know? 🙂 Thanks for the heartfelt message…give your dolphins a wave from me….I’m jealous too! 🐴💝🙏

      • Haha, the horses energy is amazing. You could smile for weeks after that contact. And I will wave to the dolphins for you Yvonne, I’m still trying to get some photos to put up. They are forever swimming by in the lake but between the distance (I only have my mobile phone and a bit limited over a long shot), and a few mangrove tree’s they are all keeping me at bay. But I’ll get there 🤣

      • Totally understandable about the photo ability of phones…but I’l take any grainy dolphin photo because the energy is there Mark! 🙂 So when you’re ready….in the meantime hope you’re healing. 🙏💝

      • Yes I am dear lady, my spirit is seeing some amazing things beneath all the physical ‘stuff’ I’m going through. And over it all a huge appreciation of what I have indeed been given, even in the hard parts. I hope your heart is healing too, I know it must be to take that horse ride. Actually…I think I’m jealous 🤣❤️🙏🏽

  2. This is great news. Horses are indeed healing and this senior horse will intuitively know just what you have been through and what you need. I enjoyed reading this post very much.

    • Hi Anne! I know that you know that healing so well! How’s your sweet horse Biasini? I haven’t been reading nor writing much on the blog, but I will make the rounds as I miss hearing about your lessons and fun with him! I hope all is well with you! 💖 🐴

  3. What a handsome fellow! It sounds like a wonderful “date” and like he’s the perfect one to show you an enjoyable time. I hope you get to return on the regular because we know what wonderful companions horses can be.

    • Thank you Karel! He was very frisky but since then I have ridden a different horse named Denmark who was just lovely. I will write about it soon! I hope you’re doing well and your animals are happy and healthy (as are you!). xo

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