September Rabbit Rabbit

You know what happens on the first of the month if you’ve been following me for any stretch of time – we say Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit – for luck for the month ahead! I found this sweet photo on Canva and wanted to use it because I was imagining that’s me (as a white rabbit) giving you a kiss! Mwah!

I adore September and the beginning of the school year, even though my teaching days are long over. There’s something magical about the fresh start and it clicks in place within me every September. It’s even better than New Year’s Eve for a new beginning for me because it’s gradual. Forget about January and making resolutions! I’m more into hopefully opening new pathways in September!

Just in case you might have thought I’d forgotten you or my blog – no, I haven’t. I’ve just been recuperating from the open heart surgery I endured and trying to heal from it. It’s not been what I had thought it would be – a smooth uphill battle. Instead it’s been a roller coaster, full of twists and downs and ups and sideways motions, none of which I could have predicted.

But I’m still here – being more in the present than ever because I haven’t a choice – and making the most of it!

Shine On!


11 thoughts on “September Rabbit Rabbit

  1. Sorry to hear you are still recovering from “open heart surgery”!? I had quadruple bypass in 2015; but no complications as it sounds you may have experienced. The surgeon felt if I hadn’t given up red meat years ago I would have had to deal with a heart attack. Good to hear you are doing well now! Hope all is well with you and the boys.

  2. And Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit in return Yvonne. It does sound like you have been on a journey and need those furry little cuddles in your heart. It is a fearful path facing that as you have because so many unknowns come into it, and usually the doctors and nurses seem to know a general idea of what is happening but inside you it is a different story. We are all different so our reactions happen accordingly…but…in doing so we find us in traveling that path. So on that note I shall give a very big healing hug my friend and the love and light for your understanding in enduring it. Take care dear lady, may you be beyond its pain and opening to the love it gives 😀❤️🙏🏽

    • Thank you Dan! I love that you still have the bunnies! I haven’t really seen mine anymore unless I take a walk down the street and then I occasionally get a glimpse of them! Happy September to you and yours!!

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