Two Hearts

I watched a movie on Netflix called Two Hearts. Have you seen it? While I don’t want to give away the story, nor the plot in case you’re interested, instead I’ll give you my takeaway from it. Because I cried while watching the movie because it hit home a few times.

“Life is short,” is a line we’ve heard time and again, but until we’re in that position of loss or grieving, we sometimes forget that nobody knows how long any of us have here on Earth. In an instant, circumstances can change dramatically and we are left without warning. Having lost many loved ones, I understand this, as you probably do as well. It isn’t easy when someone we love passes away, nor when we are battling an illness that makes life uncertain.

Regrets for words left unsaid or for those harshly delivered makes healing harder for those left behind. Focusing on the smaller annoyances and not seeing the bigger picture also play into guilt later on. Seeing the good in people and voicing your loving support is important – to the giver and to the receiver. Unfortunately, this may be a lesson learned a little too late for some people.

So here’s my gentle reminder – remember to reach out to those whom you love and cherish. Show your loving support so that you know that they know how you feel. Be mindful of how much of a difference you can make by your loving presence in someone’s life. We are all connected here. Plant seeds of kindness and watch them grow. Understanding and love are like Miracle Grow to people as they bloom when the supply of support, love and patience are delivered daily like sunlight.

Shine On!


7 thoughts on “Two Hearts

  1. And beautifully spoken Yvonne. To be touched by something so closely is indeed a love shared, an experience understood. But to not do it leaves it ‘unknown’. A great post, I will have to check it out, it sounds ‘connecting’ as only you can do 😀❤️🙏🏽

    • Thank you Mark! Connecting we know well! I hope all is well with you and that Spring is coming with joy for you! I think you will really like it! Let me know if you see it! ❤️🦋💕

      • I am going well thank you Yvonne, and Spring has sprung over here. Its only the first week of Spring and already the temps in some areas are reaching 25C. Haven’t been able to grab 2 Hearts yet but got my eye out, it does ‘feel’ like a great watch from the write ups. I hope you are going well my friend, just taking you at a pace to suit. Much love and energy coming to you. Big hugs my friend, may the rabbits visit, horses call you and love just be in the air all around 😀❤️🙏🏽

      • I love to hear all is well with you and that Spring has sprung with warmer temps! When the time is right you will watch Two Hearts. It’s definitely heartwarming. Thank you for the loving energy. Much appreciated especially now. Hopefully will stop by the barn this week as I’ve been itching to get back to the horses, but not quite strong enough yet. However, I’m hoping for a little mini session if possible. Fingers crossed. Big lovely hugs to you too! 🤗🙏💖

      • Even just a hug to them is a beautiful energy Yvonne, you may be surprised in how it ‘heals’ what you are going through. They in fact can ‘sense’ if you ill or injured. You may even find them sniffing at your scar even though they cannot see it. And a hug like that is like taking days and weeks off the healing process. Enjoy…and in fact give them a hug for me too 😀❤️🙏🏽

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