Super Blood Moon Eclipse

I’m sure many of you have read about the lunar eclipse that’s happening tonight/early tomorrow morning (depending on where you live). It’s in Scorpio in case you were wondering…

Are you, like me, a stargazer? Do you hope to actually see it for yourself? Well, you can as the lunar eclipse will be visible over South and West Europe, South and West Asia, Africa, most of North America, South America, the Pacific, the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica, if you’re in those regions! Lasting in total for 1 hour and 25 minutes, the overall duration will be seen for 5 hours and 19 minutes. If you’re on the East Coast (like me), it will occur at 12:12 A.M. on May 16, 2022. On the West Coast, it will take place at 9:12 P.M. on May 15, 2022. Add that this will be one of the longest total lunar eclipses until 2029, I’d highly suggest you set your alarm to experience it if you can!

On Instagram, @1111divinelight1111 posted:

This makes sense to me, especially since our puppy Buster has been barking at something (or someone) he sees, but we mere humans do not. Even this morning, he was attentive and staring intently, yelping and barking, all while being super protective of me. This has happened out in the yard as well with me quite a few times in the last week. The low, throaty growl punctuated by the bark (from a pup who doesn’t bark often) raised my eyebrows, wondering what he was seeing and wishing I could as well. Also, it made me thankful for his protective presence by my side.

Not to be outdone by her new younger brother, our sweet cat Tigger has been on higher alert as well. You know how animals are more aware than we and these two are no exception. Their unconditional loving presence in our home helps the energy here immensely.

I love the thought of the magic of the moon being always by my side. Don’t you? Please let me know if you get a glimpse of the eclipse! I’d love to hear all about your experience!

Shine On!


10 thoughts on “Super Blood Moon Eclipse

  1. Sorry, I’m on the wrong planet…well, wrong side of the planet anyway 😂 🤣 I hope it goes well for you guys though, it is an amazing sight. Enjoy it dear lady and make a wish, you never know what it will bring in loving energy 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • Sounds like a great plan Mark – make a wish! I’m sorry you couldn’t see it from your side…I’ll share my wish with you! ❤️🙏🦋😊

      • Thank you very much kind lady, that is very appreciated. We will make up for it (and you too over there), with a huge meteor shower on the 31st May called the Tau Herculid Meteor Storm and should give an incredible light show over your way. They are saying it could be up to a thousand meteors per hour ‘if’ we go through a good part of the comets tail. Most meteor showers are only in the tens up to a good one is a hundred per hour but this one should be interesting as they can go up to 50,000 per hour. The last one I saw the colors were amazing as they streaked across the sky 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

      • Oh this is delightful news Mark! YAY!!! Thank you so much for telling me. I’ll be sure to skywatch for this one! Please let me know if you see anything out your way too! 🌟💫💝🙏

      • Didn’t get to see anything Yvonne, a cold snap came across with whispy clouds all over the place…but…apparently there is now a huge meteorite coming to pay us a visit…must be one of God’s sparklers to light our hearts up for a while 😂 🤣 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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