Heart Of The Matter

Those ‘a-ha’ moments are fascinating when we realize the breadth and scope of the bigger picture, don’t you think? In the moment perhaps we are stunned by realizations, but afterwards, a few steps beyond the initial shock, we realize what we’ve known all along and chosen not to see. I often wonder if it is the heart or the mind which blocks the inner knowing until we are able to understand fully. Either way, I am now grateful.

The heart of the matter came unexpectedly as those types of realizations often do. Searching for answers, for reasons, the path became clear almost immediately when the realization was freed from prior naiveté. What I believed was normal for me was not at all. Believing that it was all in the brain was proven to be incorrect. It is in the heart, the soul’s residence, from which our heartlights emerge. It came as a huge surprise to me even though others did not have the same reaction. Perhaps it is in how I love that could be different, that makes no sense to those who find my thinking nonsensical, my forgiveness extraordinary and my silence merciful. But I am none of those as typified by normality. I’m an empath who has emerged from her cocoon without fear.

I imagine, after all is complete, I will emerge as a healed Phoenix from the ashes, ready to soar to the heavens with grace, strength and wisdom from the experience. There are so many cliches I want to input – my heart will go on – but it’s true. I am hoping I will go on as well and not leave this earthly plane before my allotted time. There is still much to do for me here.

Shine On!


8 thoughts on “Heart Of The Matter

  1. When the heart opens my friend it is beyond words. To touch and feel an understanding is love personified, its wisdom is showing us…us, and that love and happiness we have ever searched for. Seemingly ‘out there’ but gently waiting within to be noticed and set free by us. I hope its discovery wraps you in that love, and that beautiful feeling of freedom given from its wings 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. Yvonne,
    Wonderful post. No one knows our time but God. We can only keep the appointment. We trust that He knows best when we have completed our work, well or not. The great saint Thomas Aquinas, the greatest mind known to mankind, once said after being given a glimpse of Heaven wrote: “From what I’ve seen, all that I have written is so much straw.” I suppose, if we are so blessed to see heaven, we would respond no less. That is why in Timothy we are urged to, Fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith. For the goal of all should be to one day be with God. And what a cherry on top would that be for whatever we do in our lives. That doing should be with the intent for the glory of God.

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