Homesick For The Light


There are times when the low vibrational energies drain us.  I’m still hearing from friends who are talking about this energetic shift that is progressing so slowly that at times we feel as if we are in a stagnant pool of waiting.  It’s as if all is flowing in slow motion to the point of actually not seeing any movement, even though we know there is progress.  Does that make sense to you?

The phrase Homesick For The Light popped into my head this morning so I’m just going to flow with it.  To me, the phrase means that we are longing to be surrounded by kindness, tranquility, and being bathed in heartlight for a little while.  To me, that’s home.  This seesaw energy and spiritual chaos exhausts many of us.  As our eyes have been opened, it is hard to watch others who manipulate, deceive (themselves and others) and prefer disconnection to unity.

I think what frustrates many of us is that we know there is another way – unity, compassion, love, kindness, peace, connections.  We have seen and felt the light shine from our own heartlights and been united with similarly thinking souls.  We know how great it feels.  So when we find people in our lives who have turned towards the shadows, we long to help, but we are thwarted for different reasons.

May you find your light in the everyday moments.  May you shine your heartlights brilliantly.  May you light another’s light when theirs dims.  May you find comfort in connections.  May you find peace within and spread your peaceful countenance to all.

Shine On!


9 thoughts on “Homesick For The Light

  1. Beautifully written Yvonne. It can indeed feel like quicksand, any movement seeming to drag us further down. But, like quicksand, we need to ‘let go’ and relax into ourselves to find that love, peace and safety. Mind you, we have this thing called a mind and it ever seems to be buzzing and distracting. But slowly we will let it go too and become that wisdom and love that we find. And yes, there is nothing wrong with holding out our hands and our heart to others but not to the degree that it drags us into those holes in our life that we have left. They choose, we can only guide, and love will only ever teach both ways. That holding pattern is also asking us to see and feel something within ourselves, even if only to ‘see’ that we have indeed moved away from what was and becoming that change within us. And yes, the hardest is usually our family or a friend going through something terrible. We are chosen because of the connection of that love between us and our ability to be heard, even if sometimes it feels like a brick wall. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Just give of who you are, you can do no other, and hard as it may be…let it go. Now that may sound a contradiction but when you finally stand in that unconditional love, you always give out who you are, always, completely…but no longer ‘take on’ any conditions of (and these are from our fears), ‘I should have, I need to, I’m horrible if I don’t, it’s my responsibility etc, etc’. And while ever we have our fears we will feel those things. The instant we see and understand our own fears…we let it go in that understanding. Everything we ‘understand’ we let go. True. Look back through your life and check everything. As soon as you understand something you just relax into it and…let it go. Sorry Yvonne, got excited. I hope your journey is finding that love and peace dear lady. Much love and light to you my friend, and a hug unconditionally given 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. Thank you for sharing Yvonne. I am in the other side of the shadow right now and send you all the light that comes through me to nourish you. Sending a gentle hug and love your way. This will pass and never forget that fellow lightbearers are here to support you along the way. 💕✨🙏🏼💐✨

    • Thank you dearest Val! Your loving support and embrace are much appreciated. I can feel the beauty in all of the light workers who surround me and I thank you from my heart xo

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