On Mother’s Day

This is the first official Mother’s Day without my Mom here on Earth. Last year, with the pandemic, we were unable to see her in person, but at least we could visit with her virtually which was a help, but still not enough. I longed to hug my Mom last year and this year the feeling is overwhelming as she is not here to hug.

I am one of those who feels with her whole heart and who thrives with affection. I am a huge hugger. I always have been as it is innate within me. I get that from my Mom who was also this way.

My Mom taught me so much in my life and I am forever grateful to her. She also loved with her whole heart unconditionally and accepted people for who they were without judgment. She had a strong faith in God and read her Bible, making sure she passed along the Psalms that were important to her. Years later, those Psalms are easily recited after years of repetition at bedtime as children.

I find myself a bit weepy lately. The phrase, “I just miss my Mom” repeats in my head and heart as I struggle this first Mother’s Day. Perhaps it is because her love was such an important part of my life. She gave love unconditionally. She always told us that she loved us, repeatedly. There was never a question in anyone’s heart if she loved them or not, because she did.

Her legacy not only rests within me, my children, and our family, but extends to so many others with whom she connected. I am proud that she was my Mom and that her kind, southern ways were cherished by so many people. She left a legacy of love that still lives within me.

God Bless those who love unconditionally with heartlights which shine brightly. Our world needs you!

Shine On!


7 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day

  1. Very beautiful Yvonne, she did indeed leave a legacy…you. To just be that heart within you and it will naturally pass on to others…just like your mom. She is there, always in your heart. And a big hug from me, it may not be as beautiful as a mom hug, but in a hugless world it is good for beacons to meet sometimes to remind our hearts…there is love in the world (((Hugs))) xo 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

  2. I SO understand when you say you feel weepy lately and also the “I just miss my mom” refrain. The first Mother’s Day I spent without my mother, I think I went for a long walk in the neighborhood and wept. I couldn’t stop the tears. I remember an older man drove past and he stopped his car, rolled down his window, smiled real big, and said “Happy Mother’s Day!” It did cheer me.

    Hugs to you Yvonne…. It sounds like your mom was a wonderful person. I wish I could say it gets easier but I’m not so sure it does. My mother has been gone now for almost 15 years and I still miss her everyday. I miss buying her a Mother’s Day card and just spending the day with her.

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