Nature’s Jewelry

My beautiful tree in the front yard is still holding onto her leaves. Bejeweled tones of ruby, amber and orange are so stunning in the sunlight that the above photo doesn’t do justice as to her loveliness.

I find a tranquility in communing with nature and this certainly is the perfect setting for it here out in the country. While most of the trees here have let go of their leaves, this one hasn’t yet and what a present that is to me!

How about at your homestead? Are the leaves still hanging on or have they already dropped? I think it’s late for this one to be still full of leaves, but I’m not complaining! I love it!

I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. Keep shining your heartlights and continue to be grateful for every precious day.

Shine On!


8 thoughts on “Nature’s Jewelry

  1. I relate to the precious beauty and pleasure you share about. How amazing this tree still wants to be there for you in full glory. I have been noticing trees around – some absolutely bare, some still full color, wondering is it their personality or the way the sun works in their direction.

    • I love the idea that it could be their personality! How delightful! I think the tree wants to be there for me…thank you for taking the time to comment!! :). Have a great day!

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