September 1st Rabbit Rabbit

September 1st Rabbit Rabbit

Well dear friends, we’ve made it to September 2, 2020!  Pat yourselves on the back that we are still here.  I’m sorry my post is a day late, but better late than never, right?

Did you remember to repeat, “Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit” yesterday?  If you didn’t, then quickly say it now!  I think we need all of the luck we can as we begin the Fall season with schools starting.  I know that my family and I do!

How are you doing there where you are?  Are you and your family doing well?  Are your children returning to school?  How’s your job situation?  I know these are very uncertain times so please stay safe.

As for my Clover (you may remember my yard bunny and her baby), I haven’t seen them in quite awhile.  Recently we’ve had fox sightings and I’m wondering if something has happened to them.  Sightings of the silver fox and red fox have been more frequent so I am hoping that Clover and her baby are just not around when I am outside.  While I enjoy new wildlife in my vicinity (and have seen a baby red fox as well), I’m saddened by not seeing my special bunny.

However, Fatty, Mrs. Fatty and Skipper the baby (the groundhog family) have been scarce too.  I did catch Fatty running through the backyard the other day, so that was good.  We have chipmunks here as well who are very daring and scoot past me closely.  They are all just so much fun to watch.

Let me know how your wildlife is doing please.  I love to keep up with your special animal friends, so I hope all is well with them.  Of course, as always, I hope all is well with you and yours.

Keep shining your heartlights.  Stay in touch with your loved ones.  These are strange times indeed.  Let’s pray for a peaceful September.  God Bless.

Shine On!






6 thoughts on “September 1st Rabbit Rabbit

  1. Our bunnies haven’t been out as much during the day, now that things have cooled off, but I did see one yesterday (featured today on my blog). I talk to the bunnies when we see them. The grass is scorched, so when they find a good place to eat, they don’t want to move. I tell them it’s OK, and we cross the street or go out of our way not to bother them.

  2. Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit,White Rabbit back to you Yvonne! I had been sidetracked by the arrival of the first two Black Swans on the lake out the front. It is magic to hear them calling out during the night, the sound is so beautiful as it drifts across the water. And this is our 3rd day of Spring ‘down under’ and it has been delightful to feel a little warmth back in the air and feel and see Mother Nature awakening. I even have a new birdsong I keep hearing early of a morning, I’m wondering if the fires have moved them from another area. They make a very strong clear sound like a bell bird but at 6am it can be a little abrupt 😂 🤣
    I hope all is well with your family, especially the bunnies. They are probably getting ready for your cooler weather. And I hope your fires over there are being controlled, after our crazy bush fire season I would not wish anyone to go through such a difficult time as we had here ❤️ 🙏🏼
    Big hugs dear lady, may your many wild creatures feel your energy and love and be safe 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

  3. Our black and grey squirrels are having a feast. The farmer’s filed next to our house has corn and the squirrels get the cobs and come over onto our lawn to shuck the corn cobs and then have a snack of them before either burying kernels in our lawn or carrying the whole cob away to wherever they live. Our grandson is going back to school next week. His school is quite small and there are only 15 in his Grade 1 class. They have organized the kids into color groups His is purple so he has to wear a purple shirt or t shirt. I know there is a lot more to it than that but I will find out more from our daughter when we see her on the weekend. Her two step daughters who are a bit older also have colors assigned to them.

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