Always and Forever

The Presents of Presence-7

My Mom passed away last week.  We were blessed to have been able to be with her during the last few days of her life and even as she took her final breath, my sister and I were there with her.  While it is heart-wrenching to watch a loved one pass away before your eyes, we felt honored that she allowed us to accompany her as she transitioned from the earthly plane to Heaven.  Even as I write this to you, tears are pouring down my face because I believe that we all understand the universal grief of losing a loved one.

I have written before about my Dad’s passing years ago and occasionally about my Mom over the years.  While losing my Dad was very hard, losing my Mom has been even devastating.  Perhaps it is that a Mother’s love for her daughter is unconditional or on a deeper level, I feel bereft by losing my Mother-ship, physically from this earthly plane.  My Mom’s love knew no bounds.  She never tired of telling me how much she loved me.  I never questioned her love for me which was a huge blessing for which I am grateful.  She even signed every letter with “I love you, Always and Forever (A & F)” lest I forget.  I never forgot.

Even in the end, her heartlight was shining and it is that beacon of light that inspires me daily.  Her innate unconditional love for her family, friends and loved ones never dimmed.  Her genuine smile and authentic love and caring for everyone touched many hearts during her lifetime.

Mom role-modeled the importance of kindness and connecting with others.  She loved to have fun, to laugh and to be silly.  Her infinite patience made her a beloved elementary teacher.  Her faith in God and the comfort she felt by reading the Bible sustained her.  She passed onto us all of those traits and more.

What a legacy of love to leave here on this Earth!  The outpouring of kindness, the sharing of beautiful memories from others and the compliments about my Mom have sustained me this past week for hers was a life well-loved.  I can only pray that when it is my time that my children will have a similar experience.  I shall continue to work diligently to keep Mom’s heartlight legacy shining with love for all.

Thank you for reading today.  I extend my loving embrace to all of you who know this grief personally, of losing a beloved person in your life, especially a Mom who only gave unconditional love to all and accepted everyone for who they are.

God Bless!  Shine On!



22 thoughts on “Always and Forever

  1. Love and light to you also Yvonne. It is a hard thing to feel that loss but thankfully she was able to keep a heartfelt connection open for you wherever she is. In that let go of this plane she is now a part of something so profound and beautiful to be beyond words. And words no longer matter as both your heart lights have touched in a journey forever joined. My heart joins you too, big hugs dear lady ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • Thank you Mark. I appreciate your understanding and your big hugs. I agree with you and feel the warmth of her love even now. I hope all is well with you too…❤️🙏🏻🦋

  2. Thank you for sharing the way your mother signed off on her letters. I find that overwhelming to read.

    • Iris, it was who she was and she did love that way – always and forever. I believe that in sharing, perhaps it will spark that unconditional love in others to continue the legacy. Thank you ❤️

  3. What am amazing woman … who lives on through you. A wonderful reflection a and legacy Yvonne. Take you time. My heart goes out to you and the family 💕🙏💕

    • Val, thank you so much. I appreciate your kindness. It is a transitional time for sure with the grief. It comes and goes even though we are at peace and feel her presence. xoxo

  4. So sorry for you loss, Yvonne. This beautiful post about your mom was so touching and brought a tear to my eye. She raised a very kind and caring daughter so that tells me she must have been a lovely woman.

    • Gail, you are so sweet and kind. Thank you. She really was such a good person and role modeled unconditional love and acceptance for who people are. I was blessed to have her as my Mom. Big hugs to you. xo

  5. You are a remarkable lady Yvonne and I am positive that comes from having a Mother like yours. She was full of love and so unjudgemental both you and Amanda and her grandchildren were truly blessed. Love you

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Yvonne. Her light will continue to shine through you and warm you on its way to warming others. Peace, blessings, and I wish you so many happy memories.

  7. I had the distinct honour of accompanying my Mom when she left this earthly plane to transition to Heaven two and a half years ago now. Writing about it at the time was hard for me, but the catharsis I experienced from writing about it helped me then and continues to do so today. Your Mother’s legacy of love will live on in all of her family and always will. My condolences to you and your family.

    • Thank you for sharing with me. I am so grateful that you were able to be with your Mom as well and I appreciate your kindness. Likewise, my late condolences to you and to your family. How blessed are we to remember our Mothers’ legacies of love! Sending you a big hug.

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