Knock Knock


You know how much I love the wildlife that live nearby so I had to share this story with you.  A friend of mine was awakened yesterday morning by insistent knocking on her door.  What she found when she went to the door was this groundhog!

A groundhog actually was knocking on her door!  Notice that he’s standing up on his hind legs and his front paws are on the door.  As my Mom would say, “it sounds like a story to tell it” (meaning it sounds farfetched), but you’ve got the proof here!  I have to agree, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

She explained that when she realized that it was a groundhog knocking on her door and peering in like a nosy neighbor, she went back upstairs to get her phone to take a photo.  When she returned moments later, he was still in the same position.  So we’ve aptly named him Nosy – for Nosy Neighbor!

What she found interesting was that he was still in the same spot peering in her window as if he was casing the place and checking it out.  Have you ever had any experiences with groundhogs like this?  I have a few in the backyard, but to my knowledge, none of them have come up to my door to knock!

I wonder what message he had to give?  Have you ever had any wildlife come actually knocking on your door?

Shine On!



14 thoughts on “Knock Knock

  1. The groundhogs have wreaked havoc on our property with their hole-burrowing. Hopefully, this one was not scoping out a new place to dig a hole.

  2. That is so funny! He’s being a Gladys Kravitz! We have a groundhog that takes up residence in our backyard (the entrance to his burrow is under a large forsythia bush by our driveway). But he is very shy and runs to his burrow when he sees us. He has never gotten very close to our house.

    • LOL Gladys Kravitz! I knew exactly who that is and it fits! My groundhogs will sit nearby and watch me as they munch in the grass, but if I surprise them, they go running as fast as their little legs can carry them!

  3. I can never forget ‘Erick’ Yvonne, (I did a post called that on my adventure with him), a beautiful parrot who came visiting. He literally took over my home and wanted to share everything, me included 😂 🤣

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