Full Moon and Another Eclipse


Last night’s moon over the trees was spectacular although this iPhone photo doesn’t really do it justice.  But what I noticed was the pale blue orbs, one larger at the top of the photo and one smaller on the left side by the trees.  I take a lot of photos with my iPhone and sometimes I find interesting additives that the Universe puts in them which I don’t.

I took a second photo immediately after taking this one and I must have moved my camera because it seems blurry.  What I find interesting is that the moon isn’t photographed, but the mystery line is.  I live out in the country with no streetlights nor lights on the houses nearby so I am not sure what the line is.  Does anyone know?


I didn’t draw the line myself and I don’t know how to photoshop.  I only know how to put a photo in canva and write my blog name on it.  Note the small light again over the tree on the left by the roofline.  It is in a similar position in the top photo as well.  Hmmmm…. Perhaps it is a star?  I didn’t notice when I took the photo, so I guess it could be.  Tonight I’ll go out again and try to recreate the photos and if I find something interesting, I will share.

Did you take photos last night of the moon?  While we had lots of citizens shooting off fireworks nearby, I only saw a few minutes of someone’s down the road from me which were pretty.  I wasn’t going to venture out to be in a crowd to watch the town fireworks this year.  Lucky for me, the neighbor’s short but pretty fireworks display was enough!

I hope you had a great Fourth of July and that you were able to celebrate with your families.  Time seems to be dragging and yet the days are speeding up on the calendar.  Is that an age thing?  Or related to the pandemic?  Are you feeling that way too?

Make sure you get outside tonight to see the full moon if you haven’t already.  I hope you don’t have a cloudy night and you can clearly see the beauty in the night sky.

Keep shining your heartlights.  We all need to keep increasing love in this world.

Shine On!





10 thoughts on “Full Moon and Another Eclipse

  1. The full moon was glorious here too — that mystery line is a mystery to me too…but a lovely one! Happy 4th weekend.

  2. If you are referring to the big line coming off the moon and star it is a bump or tiny movement of your camera can do that. The settings for shutter speed on mobile phones tend to be long, for a camera, and can do that occasionally. That is why we get so many blurry shots when zooming on something, even though the software in them these days counter it quite a bit. And it gets worse the more you zoom in on something. Then the slightest touch will blur or in your case give a lovely streak, That is an art form in itself. You will notice that the line in everything has all the same curves, the moon, star and even the tree line has the same effect. I have even propped myself against a window so there is no movement and just in pressing the button will give it that movement and affect the shot. A remote control would be nice 😀
    Regardless Yvonne, that is a great shot of the moon. Of all things to shoot that is one of the hardest to get a clear shot of 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

    • Thanks Mark for the explanation! I’m only an amateur photographer with cell phone camera so I get what I get and often wonder about the photos. The moon was so beautiful though. Hopefully you saw it too?
      May you have a great week ahead!😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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