Twinkly White Lights Make Me Happy


The title of this post says it all!  I love Twinkly White Lights!  Don’t you?

I’m sitting here quietly at night, cuddled on the couch with a blanket draped over my legs and the computer perched on the arm of my couch typing to you.  As I look up over the screen of the computer I see my mantle shining with twinkly white lights festively decorated with the red left over from Christmas and in preparation for February’s holiday of Valentine’s Day!  Quiet soothing music in the background and I’m perfectly content.  Can you feel the magic?

It’s chilly outside, but not snowing.  It’s not the cold that happens when it’s terribly windy, but a peaceful winter’s night.  The perfect night to count our blessings and feel peace in our hearts.

We’ve made it through the first month of the new decade, although I’ll admit it felt like an extraordinarily long one.  Did you feel that way too?  It seems like many people felt that way, but maybe it’s just that January feels longer than most months since we’ve just come from the festiveness of December and it’s quieter than normal.

When we wake tomorrow it will February First and you know that means Rabbit Rabbit!  I haven’t seen my rabbits lately at all.  Mr. Groundhog made his appearance the other afternoon though and we have an outdoor kitty that I’ve seen hanging out in the yard.  I’m not sure if he belongs to any of the neighbors, but he looks strong and healthy.  We haven’t made friends yet, but perhaps one of these days.  So far, he will stand and look at me when he notices me but then scampers off into the woods.  I just hope he has a warm place to call home.

I hope that your January went smoothly as the transition to the new decade appears to have been a transition of sorts for many people.  A good transition, but a little rocky.  But then not all transitions go smoothly, but that doesn’t make them bad even when we fear change.

Have a lovely night wherever you are, whomever you’re with and whatever you’re doing.  I’m thinking of you all and wishing you serenity and an abundance of blessings.  My heart is full of gratitude.  My twinkly lights are shining and my heartlight is too!

Shine On!



16 thoughts on “Twinkly White Lights Make Me Happy

    • I think he hibernates under my shed for he’s left a huge mountain there. It was warm out the other day and he was nibbling on some grass. I found it interesting that he didn’t even run away when he realized I was nearby. Perhaps he was sleepy….or sleepwalking! 🙂 LOL

      • We have one too but haven’t seen him in many weeks. I call him Chuck. His burrow is up in a large forsythia bush. Chuck can run really fast! And I discovered he loves banana peels!

      • I will have to try the peels when it’s spring and I see him more. Thank you for the suggestion! Chuck’s cousin Mr. Groundhog here is a bit chubby and doesn’t run fast at all…but he makes me giggle!

      • Before our sinkhole was repaired, our resident groundhog took it over. If we walked out in the yard while Chuck would be out grazing, Chuck, who was also very chubby, would hightail it to the sinkhole and dive into his little cavern inside the sinkhole. My husband would say, “Man, look at him go!” I would jokingly say, “See Chuck, See Chuck Run. Run Chuck run! (I’m silly). I was so afraid Chuck had gotten buried alive when we had the sinkhole repaired! We didn’t see him for 3 weeks, but then he returned. He could not understand where his sinkhole had gone to!

      • Poor Chuck and his sinkhole! I think your husband’s joke was funny! I’m glad he’s ok and has a wonderful home at your house! 🙂 They are funny creatures aren’t they? Then again, I like all the wildlife around my home. 🙂

  1. I took our dog out earlier and we saw our backyard bunny. We hadn’t seen her for several days. It occurred to me that it was the 1st, so I smiled while the dog tried to pull my arm off.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

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