Make A Joyful Noise

Make a joyful noise

I awoke this morning hearing Psalm 100 in my mind.  It is one that my Mom taught us as little children and one that we all still say together.  Being that it’s a Sunday, I thought it would be the perfect post!

Do you know this Psalm?  I find it gives much comfort when I say it.  Perhaps that’s because it reminds me of being a little girl.  At bedtime, my Mom would sit with my sister and me, helping us to memorize this Psalm and others that she thought were important for us to learn.

Do you have any favorite prayers or Psalms that you recite or remember from childhood?  Please share!

Shine your heartlights and make a joyful noise today!

Shine On!




22 thoughts on “Make A Joyful Noise

      • When it was hot and humid in mid-July, the preacher would say, “Let’s give ourselves a break by singing only the 1st, 2nd and 4th verses of our closing hymn.”

      • Only the 1,2 and 4th? Ahhh…now I get it Dan! 🙂 You were sad because you wanted to sing them all!! hee hee…in the heat of summer, we always want the closing hymn to be shortened!

      • I agree with you! Some I love to hear all of the verses but others I just know the first verse and I’m happy with that one. My favorites are Christmas hymns though…the traditional ones, not these newfangled ones that nobody knows.

  1. Oh Misifusa, I made a joyful noise when your post just popped nto my reader… I have a favourite Hymn.. One that has been a favourite from childhood.. All things Bright and beautiful, all things great and small, …….
    Have a wonderful 2020 my friend.. Much love your way

  2. Church was never a strong part of our growing up so I never got to touch God as a part of life. But in a contradiction I grew up in nature…and He was everywhere, even though I didn’t know at the time. It gave me a more beautiful view of what God was as I touched Him in later life 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 🦘 🐬 🐳 🌺

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