Rabbit Rabbit March 1st


Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit White Rabbit!

With snow on the ground and some in the air, what a way to begin March!  As you may remember, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb!  But since it’s March First, you know what we do here – say Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit White Rabbit!

Traditions are comforting at times.  There’s something about a fresh start every month to light the way, especially as we await Spring.  Of course, every day is a fresh start, every moment can be a fresh start so that’s not all that unusual.  I think it’s what you make of the fresh start that’s important.  Don’t you?

So today, as with every first of the month, I say, Rabbit Rabbit to you all!  May the coming month be filled with love, light and luck!

Shine On!




10 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit March 1st

  1. I had never heard this before today, so thanks for sharing this fun tradition! I’m certainly hoping that our beginning of March is a fresh start to spring as well! We have not had it as bad here nor have we had to endure winter as long as most of our Canadian and U.S. friends and neighbors to the east and the south of us, but we are tired of the cold and snow too. So in the spirit of your posts, “Rabbit Rabbit, White Rabbit White Rabbit” AND “Monkey Monkey, White Monkey White Monkey!”

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