December 1st Rabbit Rabbit


The holidays are coming as December 1st heralds the way!  Please take the opportunity to spread peace and love this month, beginning today.  Notice how the rabbits are touching and lighting the way for connections.  You can do this too – shine your heartlights!  Take the time to be with family and friends.  Give of yourself with infinite kindness.  You matter.  You make a difference.  You are extraordinary!

I hope you remembered to say Rabbit Rabbit yesterday without my reminder!  I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post this on time, but I do pray you have the most abundant month full of love, light, caring, health, wealth, holiday spirit and joy!

Shine On!


10 thoughts on “December 1st Rabbit Rabbit

  1. Rabbit, rabbit to you also kind lady. It is great to hear the occasional voice from out of the ether’s, lets me know I’m not completely alone 😀
    I’ve reached a point where I can either attempt a new theme and see if that sorts the problems on the blog out or I can start a new site altogether (new blog name but I’ve seen many people have problems with redirects etc so I’m avoiding that till the last minute) and just get on with it.
    I’ve actually been quite distracted with healing so to speak, so the break does have purpose, I’ve just got to be a little more patient ❤ 😀
    And a Merry Christmas blessings to you and yours Yvonne, may they be blessings indeed ❤

    • Hi Mark! Rabbit Rabbit!! I hope your healing continues and I’m sending you healing heartfelt hugs. Please keep in touch and let me know what you do with your blog or if you make a new one as I want to read it! Patience is hard when we’re hurting…sending Christmas blessings to you! ♥

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