Fall Is In The Air


Yesterday’s sudden temperature drop wreaked havoc on me with a monstrous migraine.  Luckily it was a Saturday so I could rest at home.  But the chill in the air, engulfed the old house so I snuggled under blankets for most of the day.

I love fall when it creeps in during the month of October.  What I’m not a fan of is really warm days changing overnight to a barometer change with a body stunning chill.  I like when the seasons change gradually, but that was no to be this year.

It was chilly this morning, 44 degrees, when I woke up and a chilly 60 degrees in the house.  After getting my coffee, I was off to turn on the heat this morning.  As the heating system rumbled in response from its sleepy summer slumber, the smell of newly turned on heat permeated the house.  Ahhh…heat!  I’m so grateful!!

I love fall and all of its bejeweled colors!  While I still haven’t bought our yearly mums and pumpkin, I’ve decorated the hearth, enjoying the warm candlelight and orange colors that seem to make the house cozier.  Of course, nothing can make the house seem cozier than Christmas, but fall is a great beginning!

May your October day be lovely with rest, relaxation and blessings abounding!  Have you decorated for fall and perhaps even for Halloween? What do you do for decorating?

Keep shining your heartlights!

Shine On!



9 thoughts on “Fall Is In The Air

  1. I must be the only woman in America that doesn’t decorate. Sigh. But the heater is on as we are getting a significant snow today. The menu has changed from grilled meat and veg to soups and casseroles. The jackets are out, and we are strategizing ways to get the ice under the snow off the windshields and sweeping snow off the car and truck. We honor the changing of the seasons, but in a different way. I must have 6 different jackets and coats so that I have what I need for the different kinds of weather we get here. Chilly with a little snow. Bitter cold with no snow. Bitter cold with lots of snow (better stay home). Wet sloppy snow. Summer day in winter (65 degrees and no snow). Not that cold, but still having lots of snow. And then there are the few days when it rains and is chilly. Or rain and warm. Then there are the boots that correspond to those same weather patterns. Sigh. I only it was all about decorating.

    • Karel, you have enough on your plate to just be wearing the right clothes for the weather. You certainly don’t need to decorate after all those wardrobe changes! LOL Anyway, you can say you’re decorating your body almost daily with the change in weather! 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. My husband and I were discussing yesterday how we didn’t have a spring here- that it went right from winter to summer and now it appears to be going from summer to winter! It went from the upper 90s to the 80s and then dropped to the 60s, skipping the 70s altogether! It’s been in the 40s the past few nights. It’s warmer today but been raining all day.

    I do decorate for fall and Halloween, both inside and outside, and it always lifts my spirits to do so. It’s my favorite time of the year for sure. I’m trying to get my house all cleaned up so I can decorate (I’m late in doing so this year). I hope to start today! Happy fall Yvonne!

    • Good luck with decorating! I am sure your home will be beautiful! We’ve had crazy weather here and lost the 60’s which is frustrating since I like the gentle change of seasons better than the boom! It’s now cold! But I guess that’s the way it goes right now. I hope you had a lovely Sunday filled with fall weather, cozy and wonderful Gail!

  3. I hear you. We had a few lovely days of fall, then we have summer again. In the high 70’s during the day, 44 at night. Heat set to 64 so I don’t freeze inside. Finally, on Tues we go back to fall for a few days. The weather is so confused. I am not a fan of warm weather. Hang in there, it will level off.

  4. Aah, summer approaches over here, time to play in the warm places and sights that summer beckons.
    Saw a mother and calf humpback whale go past our beach this morning and put on a display and then on my way home along the lake inlet, a huge dolphin decided to chase a fish and play with it by tossing it around and doing aerials and somersaults in the water. It was an amazing sight. I was enjoying it so much I forgot to take out my mobile and get a movie of it ❤

    • How wonderful Mark! In my mind’s eye, I can only imagine how beautiful that was! Lucky you! Next time if you can video, that would be awesome to see! I have a big smile on my face, imagining the summer sun and fun awaiting you! Enjoy every second! ♥

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