Rabbit Rabbit October 1st


It’s the first of the month and you know what you need to do, right?  Say…

Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit White Rabbit!

May the chill in the air invigorate you

May the falling leaves blanket a path upon the earth for you to walk

May the bejeweled colors ignite your creativity

May what is no longer needed in your life fall away

May comfort foods nourish you

May family time warm your heart

May your head fall upon the pillow nightly with gratitude for the day’s events

May you snuggle down in front of a warm fireside at the end of the day

And fall in love.*

Shine On!


*Poem by Y.D.


12 thoughts on “Rabbit Rabbit October 1st

  1. Ahh… you described so well in this post everything I love about fall! Thank you!

    And I just heard Ellen Degeneres say “Rabbit, Rabbit” on her show! LOL!

      • Yeah, that darn Ellen…. ya gotta watch that woman! 🙂 I will confess Yvonne, I had never heard of “Rabbit Rabbit,” until I read about it on your blog a few years ago!!!

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