Are You Experiencing Energetic Madness?


Lately with the full moon, the planetary alignments, the climatic changes and atmospheric push/pulls, it seems as if the world is on tilt.  Do you remember playing pinball machines when TILT came on?  Well, that’s how some highly sensitive souls are feeling right now.  Are you one of them too?

It seems very chaotic lately in personal relationships as well as financial and business.  What I’m finding is machinery isn’t working or is very wonky which is frustrating.  There are long wait times and phone calls are being dropped for no apparent reason.  Not to mention people seem to be angrier than usual with their frustration levels peaking over little inconveniences that normally would only elicit a quiet sigh.  Has the world gone on full tilt?

So much agony, frustration and abnormal behavior seem to be clogging up the healthy flow in our world.  Patience, kindness and compassion seem to be misplaced for the moment.

So what can we do?

Support one another.  Be the kindness and compassion as we wait patiently (or maybe impatiently) for the return to calm.  Don’t allow the energetic chaos to deter you from staying centered in peace and healthy love.  Take good care of yourselves as we navigate these stormy seas.  Pray, meditate and balance yourself.  Shine your heartlights as beacons of hope for those who are feeling lost and abandoned.  Be grateful for the little things, even when the big things seem to be in upheaval.

It’s just a phase of change which will return to balance soon.  Keep treading water as we navigate these stormy energetic seas.  Go with the flow – for what you resist persists.  Perhaps it is a time of global learning and with time, we will reunite and reassemble how we are meant to be with peace, love, compassion and kindness leading the way.  At least that’s my hope.

Is it just me or are you feeling similarly?

Shine On!


18 thoughts on “Are You Experiencing Energetic Madness?

  1. Yup. The rest of the world has gone nuts, but I’m flowing quite nicely in my little corner of it. Hope you find your flow and balance soon. 😉 Heat is subsiding and all is good for me again.

    • Yippee! I’m so glad all is good for you again. We have extreme heat here as well. Not fun for the wildlife nor human etc. Hope we settle into balance again soon. Big hugs Marlene xo

    • Pamela, it’s not just you as there are many of us who are finding this time more TILTED but I hope it will balance soon and we will feel better. I’m sorry you are dealing with his as well. Big hugs

    • Eddie, that’s what I feel innately. That the balance will realign soon. But I’m feeling a little TILTED at the moment…perhaps others are too? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Excellent thoughts Misifusa… Tilt being the correct term for what is happening to our world right now.. The energies are intense and while some are coping, others are not and I feel some circuits are being re-wired while others are blowing a fuse…
    Hang on in there.. I have done nothing but sleep most of the day for the last couple of days.. As my energy has been zapped … SO I have gone with the flow and allowed my self to recharge while sleeping… I haven’t fought it, just gone with the flow of it…
    Lovely to catch your post in my reader this late afternoon..
    Love and warm hugs your way ❤ Sue

  3. For so many years now Misifusa! Coming to a explosive time… for everyone to choose… for themself… when each comes into balance, their reflection of NewEarth will follow! Lots of rest, plenty of water and great people around you and we will get through this🌈😘❤️ much love x Barbara x

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