Healing The Inner Child


As I understand it, the inner child is you, between the ages of 6-8 years old.  That inner child carries the knowledge of love for you.  If you were given conditional love at a young age (meaning love could be given or taken away) which is the complete opposite of unconditional love which is what we all strive for, then the inner child holds that belief.

I recently had a healing experience in which my inner child has been reminded that we seek unconditional love, but that we also understand conditional love and the why’s and how’s by which others may only be able to love conditionally.  It was a startling revelation for me and for my inner child which I found so healing.

When given the opportunity to voice herself, the inner child has much to say and when all parts of us can work together, we can heal.  It is amazing to me how one session of hypnotherapy – parts therapy – worked wonders in my life.

Have you ever tried hypnotherapy?  I found the experience to be a wonderful tool to help me heal.  It made such a positive difference in my life.  I just want to thank Bobbi Rise for her patience, knowledge and professionalism.  If you’re interested in a session, you can find her here!  Give her a call and see how your life can transform and heal!

Shine On!



15 thoughts on “Healing The Inner Child

  1. I’m glad hypnotherapy worked so well for you. Personally, it scares the heck out of me. I don’t think I’d like someone messing around in my mind, even for therapeutic purposes. But then, I avoid therapy of any kind as much as possible, so it’s probably just me.

    • I had a lovely experience with it so I only have good to say. I think you have to be comfortable with the hypnotherapist to begin with in order to heal. You are always in control with hypnotherapy though so there’s no worry that you’ll end up clucking like a chicken weeks later because you’ve been given a post hypnotic suggestion that you cluck when you hear a bell (or anything else like that). That’s just Hollywood exaggeration.

  2. Thanks so much! I have witnessed just how amazingly transforming it is, and feel so sad that people fear what they think it is. The hypnotists that put on the sensational shows are not at all what hypnotherapy is, and those myths and misconceptions are what have scared people over time. In hypnotherapy, no one loses control, and your conscious mind isn’t gone or suddenly forgetful. It’s a team approach anyway, so both people work as a team.
    I absolutely love helping people heal negative emotions and beliefs to make positive changes and find peace! Thank you again!!

    • Bobbi, you caring knowledge and attuned self help to heal all with whom you come into contact. I am grateful for all the help you’ve given to me and to all the other people I know. Keep shining! You are a beacon of healing here on earth. xoxo

  3. Ok how insanely adorable was that munchkin in the pic??? 😉

    Sometimes I think my inner child was when I was 6-8, and sometimes it feels more like she is bringing the in your face temper tantrum out in the present day like an outer child! I so appreciate the reminder to pay attention to those feelings and those needs. They can become hidden away, and someone with a gift like Bobbi can be infinitely helpful at giving that part of us a voice once more.

    Beautiful post my beautiful friend. ❤️ Big hugs to you always. Jo

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