The Discovery on Netflix


Have you seen the Netflix movie called The Discovery?

I watched it the other night and it brought up a lot of questions that maybe you have pondered as well – for example –

What happens after death?

I find The Discovery an interesting answer to that question.  I would love to hear if you have seen the movie and what you thought of it.  In case you haven’t heard of the movie, below is the trailer in case you’re interested.

Feel free to share any thoughts you may have!

Shine On!


27 thoughts on “The Discovery on Netflix

  1. It looks a little grim to me. Not sure I can watch it but I know without question there is an afterlife. I watch a sweet movie last night on Netflix last night called MountainTop. I was surprised to find a spiritual movie there. Take a look at that one. You may enjoy it.

    • I haven’t seen Mountain Top but I will put it on my watchlist. I saw the Mountain Between Us. Did you see that one? It is a bit grim and scientific as well as being one of those movies which are vague so you have to think and question. I’d say go with your gut reaction of not watching it. But yes, I believe in an afterlife too. 🙂

  2. Ever since we were children we were curious. We tore our toys apart to see what made them work. And with that knowledge is mystery lost. There are however a few effects upon our lives that are not so easily dissected for inspection. Those effects can only in time be experienced. Therein is preserved the vital concept of faith on which the unexplainable mysteries rely.

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