Rest in Peace – Molly’s Movement


My heartfelt sadness goes out to Joey Daley as his mom Molly passed away recently.  If you are a caregiver or have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, please take a few moments to watch the video below and listen to Joey.  Molly had Lewy Body Dementia for ten years and through Joey’s chronicles, he has shown us Molly’s true courage and his as well.

There are so many inspiring people in our world.  Thank you Joey and Molly for being you!  A mother’s love and support never die and they stay with us forever.

Shine On!


18 thoughts on “Rest in Peace – Molly’s Movement

  1. My mother passed away a few years ago from Alsheimer’s. The last couple of years she didn’t recognize anyone, and had returned to her parents’ home living with her two older sisters and her parents. Her younger brother and sister hadn’t yet been born. Sad, yet she at times found joy with her “family” of old.

  2. At least they are all free from this now. So many stories like this, far too many. It is another health condition that seems to fatten a few bank accounts and empty most everyone else’s. People shouldn’t have to go through this! I hope someday Western Medicine will get beyond the profit from misery modality. Hugs to you Misifusa and your enormous and compassionate heart.

    • Thank you Saymber. I just wanted people to read more about Joey and Molly as they have helped so many people by sharing their journey. I pray that there is a cure as well….xo

  3. This is an amazing story that I needed to see. My Dad is in the beginning stages of dementia and it’s very sad to watch. It seems so unfair.
    It sounds like Molly was an incredible person, and so is her son. I guarantee you that she does know what’s going on and she sees what she has created and the people she has and continues to benefit.
    Keep up the good work Joey. Your Mom is still with you and I’m sure she’s extremely proud ❤

    • You are so sweet! I’m sorry to hear about your Dad. If you need a friend, I’m here. I understand. Molly chose to help others and to chronicle her time with her son which I find very courageous for both Molly and Joey. Thanks for sharing your story with me. ♥

  4. It is a very big journey Yvonne, for those who are going though it as well as their carers. It touches so many parts of us, asking us to look deeper within to find an answer, or at the least, understand our journey a little more ❤

    • Indeed it really does Mark. It challenges our thinking and keeps us in the present moment as life changes in their minds so quickly. Thanks for your sweet support. ♥

  5. A wonderful tribute from a dedicated and loving son to his Mother. The absolute best tribute than can be granted is for Joey to carry on to carry on living his life in a way that

  6. Sorry, Misifusa, I am on vacation and on the iPad and don’t have the control that I would normally have if on my computer … I just wanted to add that Joey’s message also touched me. The part of the video that resonated with me where Joey mentioned that his Mother would not let the Alzheimer’s define her life, and he can carry that with him as he continues his own personal journey … thank you for sharing his message.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write as I am sure he would appreciate your kind message. I just thought we would all benefit from seeing his heartwarming video. It’s a great reminder for us all. ♥

  7. I had just begun to watch your videos with your beautiful mom and am truly sorry that she has passed. Lost our mom two years ago, not from dementia but from stroke complications that limited her speech and swallowing. Still spent everyday with her doing as much as we could to brighten her days as much as she brightened our lives. Even so we still feel we hadn’t done enough but I know in my heart that she knew how much she was loved and appreciated. You were lucky to have your mom but I am sure she was even more lucky to have you! I wish you peace and comfort in the years ahead and please continue to become the man she brought you up to be….a kind, caring, loving son and friend to so many others who were encouraged by your strength and devotion! May her love surround you and your family every day! Thank you for all you did and continue to do for so many!

    • Angela, what a lovely share to Joey! I hope he reads this. I heartily agree with you. I’m so sorry to hear about the passing of your mom. ♥ I am sure you brightened her days simply by your caring and kindness. You are a great daughter!

  8. I’ve watched every episode and fell in love with your precious mother. Thank you for sharing her and helping others to learn just what Dementia slowly takes ones memory. I’m so sorry for your loss, but happy that Molly is free from this horrible illness. She will always look after you all. You will always feel her presence. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless You!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I do hope that Joey will see this post and see all of the support and love that is sent to him after his mom’s passing…God Bless You too!

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