Cats And Unseen Energy


My cats have been acting strangely this morning.  It happens every once in awhile, but since I recently wrote about energy, I thought perhaps someone could give me a little insight.  Please?

This morning, our older cat was quietly sitting on the couch when suddenly, without warning, she jumped up as if she had been startled by something and then raced off the couch, skid across the floor and out of the room at full speed.  It was as it someone had poked her while she was quietly relaxing and then chased her.  But there was nobody near her.

I was stunned by her reaction.  At first, I thought it was that she realized she had to go to the bathroom right now.  Sometimes that urge happens to all of us.  So I followed her, but she ran straight into my bedroom and hid herself under the bed.

I didn’t see anything. I sat on my bed for a few minutes, trying to gauge if there were something more, something unseen that perhaps she saw or felt and I did not.  But I wasn’t aware of anything.  After a few minutes, she came out from underneath the bed and I carried her baby style in my arms, back into the family room so I could finish my coffee.

Back on the couch, she nestled next to me.  She wouldn’t close her eyes to cat nap as she usually does.  She stayed alert.  Every once in awhile, her ears perked up, but I heard only silence.  I looked around the room, but saw nothing amiss.

Our other kitty who is younger was already sleeping somewhere else.  However, about an hour later, she moseyed into the family room.  Suddenly she started batting at something unseen.  It was as if someone was playing with her.  She ran around in circles, jumping up occasionally and then raced out of the room.  Two minutes later, she ran back into the room to repeat the playing and raced out again.  It was such a peculiar sight.  As I watched her, I wondered if there was someone or something unseen by me in the room.  The older cat watched expectantly from her perch next to me, but she didn’t move.

I’d like to think that whatever caused the girls (as I call the cats) to act so strangely was a kind energy, acting playfully with them.  Because afterwards they both settled down as if nothing had happened.

Do any pet owners out there have any similar experiences?  The unexplained noises have been happening again that I’ve written about here.  I thought it was the change of seasons with the heating system, but now I’m not so sure.  Truly, the girls acted as if they were interacting with something that I couldn’t see.  Has this ever happened in your home?

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18 thoughts on “Cats And Unseen Energy

  1. I had a dog that used to suddenly look up to a corner in our living room from a sound sleep, then lie back down. So strange.

  2. When we had cats, they were like that and our dogs are like that too. Sometimes Link will start growling at something in the middle of the night when nothing we can see or hear is there. Cats have always been described as “half in, half out” or able to walk between worlds and I think dogs are much the same from our experience. Our dogs will just start barking at something and we can’t figure out what they are barking at. Then we will see somebody moving around at the very end of our road! Our world is a lot noisier and disruptive than it once was even if we as humans aren’t bothered by it. There is infrasound and electromagnetic fields – sound so low a human can’t hear or sense them but a cat, dog or other animal can. Some of the reactions of your girls could be paranormal related or just them reacting to a sound far off or at such a low frequency we can’t sense it. Hope this helps some! Full Answer

    The cat ear is designed to hear a multitude of sounds. Because of the open design and the ability to move them nearly 180 degrees, a cat has a superior ability to hear sounds, even those that are quite far away. For instance, a cat is able to hear a mouse rustling in brush about 30 feet away.

    A cat’s hearing range is between 45 to 64,000 in hertz, compared to a human’s hearing range of 64 to 23,000. The significant difference on both ends of the spectrum means that they can hear sounds that aren’t detectable by the human ear.

    • I love when you write to me Saymber because you always teach me and I’m an eager learner! Wow it’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing and for taking the time to send the link. I think you are right that they are just so much more attuned to those frequencies that we aren’t even aware of at all! I hope you have a lovely day. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Misifusa I feel the same about you. You have such a gentle, loving and positive outlook on life and it helps me to read your posts when I’m veering off the path of heart centered living. I’m glad you found the info useful and learned something. Cats, and all animals are just amazing to me. I can imagine our world is so noisy and chaotic at times to them! Hugs to you and hope your day is lovely too. Thank you for all you are.

  3. We have looked after my daughters cat a couple of times. He would do that. Quietly resting and then BAM leaping away to hide in the guest room. We live in a new house so I doubt there are presences there but there may well be something in the ground we are built on…some native presence perhaps. I don’t know.

  4. A few weeks ago, upon waking up, my husband came from his bedroom to mine (we have to sleep in separate bedrooms due to snoring, and both of us have spine troubles) and asked what was wrong with Opie. I told him that I didn’t know what he was talking about.

    He explained that the cat was sitting in his bedroom, afraid of coming out. Her eyes were pure black and ears perked. Finally, I brought her to the kitchen to eat her breakfast during which the whole time, she kept turning toward MY bedroom, she was terrified! Which then, terrified me.

    I thought maybe there was a snake in there, or some giant monster under my bed. I was scared!

    I set about sorting through storage boxes I had in my bedroom, things moved from the living room while we are still in reparation-mode after last year’s ceiling flood. Most of the boxes’ contents were repacked and set on the front porch for Habitat for Humanity pickup. I found no snakes, no bugs, nothing weird. And then I started worrying about ghosts!

    I don’t recall ‘when’ Opie was finally okay with coming back into my bedroom, I think it took a couple of days. I still don’t know what caused this incredible fear.

  5. Some in my family saw my dog barking at a blank wall. Other saw him barking at a small green orb. Our parrots often get started by things we can’t see.

    • I agree with you Karel! I think they can see things we can’t and are aware of stuff in other dimensions. A small green orb! Wow! How interesting! I’ve only seen white ones…

  6. Our cats will do that. They will also stare intently at “something” behind me (which creeps me out) when there’s nothing there. They can perceive sounds and motion that we don’t pick up on. Then again, they might just be messing with us.

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