If Wishes Were Horses…


My mother’s southern family used to say:

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Have you ever heard that saying?  Whenever I’ve said it to someone else, they have looked at me as if I’d lost my mind and always asked me to repeat it.  When I did, they’d be still stumped, wondering why in the world I chose that expression.

But for me, with a yard full of dandelions that have sprouted up seemingly overnight, are being snacked on by the birds and spreading their cheery yellow faces and wishes to the winds, it seems appropriate.

Because I’ve got wishes galore and lucky for me, I’ve got all the dandelions to wish on!

So on this rainy Wednesday, I’m sharing my wealth of wishes with you.  Please imagine yourself virtually stopping by to wish upon a dandelion with me.  I will tenderly pick you one of those white puffballs with the exposed seeds and hand it to you.  Together we can blow on it and send the seeds flying into the air onto the breeze as you make your special wish to the Universe.

Believe me, I have plenty of dandelion wishes, so come and enjoy a wish from me to you!  I have plenty to share and would love to lift your wish to the Universe in hopes that all your wishes are fulfilled!

Shine On!



18 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Horses…

  1. My mom used that expression, too, usually when I’d just asked for something my parents couldn’t afford. Pick a dandelion and we will blow on it together and wish all our departed loved ones peace in heaven.

    • That sounds beautiful and I will be sure to do that today for us both! Consider it blown to the Universe and up to Heaven for wishes fulfilled! xo

  2. Yes, I’ve heard that expression before, but it always leaves me wondering why they don’t want beggars to ride. Huh? In any case, I hope the wind spreading your wishes helps them come to fruition. Just think of all the places they can land and sprout!

  3. I’ve also heard “if wishes were fishes” but I’m not sure where that came from. This one came from a nursery rhyme – at least I remember hearing it. I had to look it up today. but I did remember the turnips part.

    If wishes were horses
    Beggars would ride:
    If turnips were watches
    I would wear one by my side.
    And if if’s and an’s were pots and pans,
    The tinker would never work!

    Obviously, not much of this would make sense to children today. They have their phone to tell them the time. Pots and pans come from Amazon or Walmart and if beggars need a ride, call Uber.

  4. I love dandelions, great for making wishes and when I watch the seeds blow it’s like spirits taking off to be reborn. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink came to mind about your saying. Lately I have been feeling my age with those types of phrases….stuff people just don’t say or even know that exists anymore.

    • Thank you for stopping by Saymber. May all of your wishes be fulfilled! I think it’s interesting to hear the older sayings…and I do it all the time because they’re funny and also thought provoking!

  5. And thank you for your blessings and wishes kind lady. I now have a visitor coming next week 😀
    Just to confirm it, blow me a wish or three, I’ll be there too, to share the wish ‘be free’ ❤
    Many thanks ❤
    P.S. I'm a beggar and been riding for years 😀

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