Little Bird Laid To Rest


The bumble bee encounter had me buzzing with life’s renewal and the lightness of being that seems to surround me when that smell of spring is in the air.  But yesterday afternoon, when I returned home, I came across a little bird in the driveway.  I have always said that the animal kingdom brings me messages and this one is no exception.  Except I am not quite sure the meaning.

He looks peaceful so I can’t determine how or why the tiny bird is deceased.  (So, yes, I’ve arbitrarily decided it’s a he).  There are no signs of an abrupt attack.  Why he is in the driveway and not on the adjacent grass is curious to me as well.  Even though I did take a photo of him, it seemed too sad for me to post, so I chose another photo of a similarly looking bird today.

For me, he is a reminder that with life comes death and all that encompasses the in-between.  We learn these lessons as we grow and explore the meaning of our lives.  So many times we take for granted what is and forget that life is precious – to be enjoyed, to be shared with love and to be cognizant of that delicate balance between the past, the present and the unknown future.

I also feel that spiritually for me, it signifies the end and the preparation of a new beginning for the next chapter in my life.  Do you feel that way too?

I am not even sure what type of little bird he is – perhaps a sparrow?  I said a small prayer for him, gave thanks for his presence and interred him in the backyard by myself.  I wonder if he has any loved ones who worried when he didn’t return to the nest last night?  Is there a mama or partner bird who is mourning the loss of her love?

Be sweet today.  A gentle reminder to hug and love on those for whom you care so deeply.  We only have today, so take the gift of The Presents of Presence, not for granted, but with the deep understanding that resides in your heartlight.

Shine On!


21 thoughts on “Little Bird Laid To Rest

    • I’m so grateful for your loving presence in my life. I love to see your coyotes, your bunnies etc as well…his little bird spirit gave me pause and I think that’s what touches our hearts. ♥

  1. Aww poor little sparrow. we always feel for the creatures that has perished, it may be a cat had caught him and left it.. We had a blackbird last year on our drive.. as we picked it up a neighbour across the road came out to tell us a cat had dropped it there.
    Lovely to catch your post today. ❤

  2. You have such a kind heart Yvonne. I am wondering if your little male House Sparrow had a collision with a window? Poor little guy.

    • Gail I hadn’t thought of that, but there is a window nearby that very-well could have been the source. Just very sad to see him as such. Thank you! ♥

      • It’s happened here more than once unfortunately. I was sitting in the den recliner one day which is next to a window. All of a sudden… BAM! I jumped and looked, trying to figure out what had hit the window. Red downy cardinal feathers were flying in front of that window. I ran outside expecting to see the cardinal below the window, but he wasn’t there. I couldn’t imagine that he had survived that crash. I found his lifeless body several feet away on the driveway. His neck was obviously broken from the impact with the window. It made me so sad.

      • Oh Gail – how heartbreaking! That definitely could have happened to my little bird because he wasn’t far away from the window either…xo

  3. Yes the poor fellow did show you a great message, and you took it with the empathy that you are kind lady, to appreciate life and all that is in it ❤
    And as Gail said, it is a male sparrow, the dark color under his beak on his chest and around his eye as well as darker browns is male markings where the female is a light grey and lighter browns so that she can hide and blend into wherever her nest is 😀

  4. Life is a cycle and that is the reminder. Nothing is permanent. But showing respect for each and every creature is still important. That little bird has been immortalized by you.

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