Rest In Peace, Kathy ♥


When I began blogging years ago, as anyone who’s been blogging for awhile, you know, we meet fellow bloggers and connect.  We connect through our blogs even if sometimes  our chosen subjects aren’t always relevant to the other person’s lives.  But we read each other’s blogs with enthusiasm to show support and to keep that good spiritual connection with our blogger friends.

Such was how I met Kathy Funkhouser and her blog IB Designs, USA so many years ago.  I’m not really into nautical flags so much, but I loved her enthusiasm for fishing, photography, her flag business and her sweet spirit.  We connected.

In fact, she used to make a ♥ at the end of her comments as we grew our friendship and it is because of her sharing how to make a ♥ (by the way, it’s by hitting ALT and number 3 and holding them down together) that our friendship bloomed even brighter.  To this day, when I make a ♥ anytime, I think of her.  Really, I do!

So imagine my sadness when I read on her FB personal page which hasn’t shown any posts for a long time, that she had passed away.  She had stopped writing on her blog for awhile, but many of us had no idea how sick she was.  Although we never met in person, we commented a lot on each other’s blog pages and grew a friendship from faraway.

I have a heavy heart today as we found out through her business partner Craig that she had passed away in March.  I know some of you may remember Kathy so I wanted to let you know in case you knew her.

Thank you Kathy for teaching me how to lead with my ♥ in blogging connections.  You were a really special person and I am honored to have called you my friend.  God Bless.  We can still feel your heartlight shining!

Shine On!


If you ever need signal flags, banners with a personal touch, nautical flags, etc, here is her website.  I am not sure if the business will continue, but it’s worth the click to see the IB DESIGNS, USA website!



30 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Kathy ♥

    • Me too and I’m so glad we have each other since she was a special lady and a good friend from long ago. It’s funny how our friendships develop over time in blogging. I’m blessed to be your friend xo

  1. It is very sad when we understand that silence Yvonne. After such a long time together on here it does leave a hollow as our hearts try to come to terms with that loss ❤
    Big hugs kind lady, and she is in a very beautiful place ❤

  2. I have blogging friends who I feel closer to than folks I see every day.
    I get it. I’ve instructed my daughter that someday when my number is up to post it to let those who might care, know. May her memory be eternal £

    • I agree Ray! I think that’s a great idea to have Jelly (?) do that, but I hope it’s a long, long time from now. But yes, I should tell my sons the same as I would want my blogging friends to know as well. I think it’s all about that connection that we enjoy.
      Her memory is eternal in each ♥ I type! LOL

      • Yes, it is Elissa/Jelly that has been given the awesome responsibility 😊. Be sure your sons have the access info to get on to WP.

        35+ years in funeral service has taught me that death has a way of sneaking up on you. Not that I’m in any rush, but we never know when the next thing we know will be the last thing we know. Cheery thought, huh?

  3. We are on the three day drive home from Florida. We stopped for the night at a hotel and opposite it there is a cemetery. There must have been a decoration day recently because all the graves had flowers on them. I looked at them and I thought :” It all ends here. So I had better enjoy the day and the blue sky and be grateful.” I’m sorry to hear about your blogger friend but you have given her a lovely tribute with this post. RIP Kathy.

  4. This is Craig, Kathy’s other half, partner, significant other, and whatever we call ourselves if we’re not married but share life’s journey. Kathy and I came together in 2005 while she was in DeKalb, IL and I was in Batavia, IL. We’d met online, and found a lot in common. In 2008, she was able to get an apartment in the same complex as mine. Due to many rules, we had to each live in separate 1-bedroom units. We did that, always hoping to eventually move to Wisconsin and live in the same place. In 2015, that dream became a reality.

    We’d created IB Designs, USA because we had no money and needed some. So we started a business. Kathy chose the “IB” because it meant “Infinity and Beyond.” That was her dream — to reach for the sky, no matter how hopeless, no matter how far, to quote from the song. And so it became a reality. The money from the business financed many things, particularly our move to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

    We trusted each other totally, and for the first time in our lives, chose to become inextricably interconnected. We relied on each other, and built a joined life. With her having gone home now, IB Designs has ended. There’s really no purpose to it, but it was a wonderful experience while it existed.

    Kathy had a serious liver disease, diagnosed back in the 1990s, and had decided she wasn’t prepared to die at that time. She struggled mightily, and survived against all odds. We knew she always had the potential to perhaps collapse, but we chose to vote for life, not to vote against dying. And so we lived each day completely, did what we wanted, and left nothing to regret. Neither of us expected her eventual end to come in the form of a cancer, but at least it wasn’t painful.

    We never left anything unsaid, rarely had any fights (one time, I think, about a budget), and Kathy often would pause after something wonderful we’d done, saying, “Does it get any better than this?” We shared countless things Kathy had never experienced before, foods she’d never heard of, and dreams of amazing adventures. I showed her that when we make an intention for real, the Universe has a way of making it come true, regardless of how unlikely, improbable, impossible or crazy.

    And so Kathy once again began dreaming big dreams. She was quite afraid at first, having been so disappointed for so many times. But then, as those dreams began to come true, she blossomed. At the end, she said to me how she’d tried again and again, then yet again, to rebuild things when someone had destroyed all she’d created. She’d come to believe it was all her fault, and she just wasn’t very good at making things work. But she smiled and told me that she’d changed her mind — that it wasn’t her fault, but it was the crazy people she’d been involved with.

    She found a tremendous amount of peace with that realization, and let go of a lifetime of disappointment. We had a happy 13 years together, and that was many years longer than all the doctors told her she would have. As we used to say to each other, “Good stuff, Maynard!”

    Thank you to each of you who were her online friends. She never really had friends, and loved how the online community showed her how to reach out and connect with people. She’s not physical, anymore, but she does like to “hang around.” I miss her.

    • Craig,, I sobbed when I read your beautiful story. I am ever appreciative that you took the time to find my blog and write to us about your journey with Kathy whom we all loved and felt was so special to each of us.
      I am grateful that she’s still ‘hanging around’ with you. What a beautiful relationship you had together and I thank you for sharing your story of love here.
      Your loving connection gives us all hope for brighter futures in finding someone with whom we connect on so many different levels. And isn’t that what this lifetime is all about? Learning new things with a trusted partner with whom you love and connect so completely.
      Kathy was such a special friend to so many of us and we miss her. She is not forgotten to Infinity and Beyond…
      Please know that you are in our prayers (as is Kathy) and we are all grateful to hear from you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.
      With lots of love from us to you and to Kathy….♥♥♥♥♥

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