Where Words Fail


Where words fail, music speaks.

~ Hans Christian Anderson

What’s your favorite music to listen to or are you like me and enjoy all different types of music?  I have varied tastes in music from today’s music, to that of my youth, to the music that our parents listened to, to classical piano music, to country, to gospel, to traditional church hymns, all the way to Broadway show-tunes.  The two types of music I haven’t ever really enjoyed are rap and opera, but perhaps they will reveal themselves to me one day.

I find that music soothes me in many different situations as I believe music has a vibration of its own to aid our heartlight through healing, lifting, inspiring, energizing and stilling us in contemplative melancholy to flow throughout our lifetimes.  While I enjoy the sound of silence and of snow falling, I often use music during the day to help me.

I am grateful that I can hear and feel the vibrations in my soul.  I love to explore the feelings I get when I hear different types of music.  Don’t you?  While I am not a good singer, I do enjoy belting out a good song every once in awhile, especially in the car on a long highway when I’m alone.  It just feels good.  Do you know what I mean?

Certain songs can bring me back to special memories and I do feel that when I put my songs on shuffle, I’m given messages through God and the Universe.  For example, when Unforgettable, sung by Natalie Cole and her dad, Nat King Cole comes on, I know that is a message from my Dad to me, as that was the song we danced to at my wedding.  Perhaps it’s simply coincidence or a random synchronicity, but I prefer to believe otherwise.

Do you feel something similar?

Do you have any favorites that you hold dear to heart?  Please share!

Shine On!


This one’s for you Dad….I can never forget you. ♥

16 thoughts on “Where Words Fail

  1. What a sweet song for a father daughter wedding dance. I’m like you, I really like all kinds of music but don’t care much for rap or opera.

  2. We didn’t grow up with music. It came very late in life. One husband liked instrumental and the next was a country fan. I’ve recently developed my own flavor. Neil Diamond, Fleetwood Mac, Imagine Dragons, “Elbow’s One day like this”, I have a whole play list of happy songs that lift me. The Piano Guys :It’s gonna be Ok” and Bob Marly’s 3 little birds.” I just need happy tunes that make me move and walk faster and feel better.

  3. It does have a magic within it Yvonne, something that everyone can touch and relate to. That is why I say that words have great power, they move us in so many ways when spoken from the heart ❤
    I listen to many different types of music as I think they each have a place as we journey. I grew up with the heavy metal of AC DC through on into Phil Collins (who I still listen to), and now a variety of almost mediation music like Deva Premal.
    Those vibrations will always be with us, they are a part of who we are ❤

    • Exactly Mark! And I like some of that old AC/DC too as well as Phil Collins! I haven’t heard of Deva Premal though. I will have to look that up! ♥ 🙂

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  5. Music is such a pure form of expression. I can turn on the radio and the song that comes on can instantly lift my spirits, or take me back to a time in my past

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