Gratitude For Eight Years On WordPress


I got a note from WordPress today telling me that eight years ago today, I began my blog.  It doesn’t seem that I have been writing for eight years to you all, but I’m assuming WordPress knows what it’s talking about, don’t you think?  Ah, the benefits of blogging!

In eight years, much has changed in my life.  My initial focus was to help other women battling cancer, specifically breast cancer as I endured it myself and I am still here.  But as life developed, I have written about other subjects too including:  poetry, pets, children, parents, relationships, Mother Nature, horseback riding, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, holidays, angels, spirituality, religion, Rabbit, Rabbit, photography, SendOutCards, amazing books and movies, inspirational quotes, life in general and even death because I had first hand experience with all of those topics.  While I was enduring hardships, you were all there for me with your loving support and I am ever grateful.  I wrote to share my experiences in hopes that I would be able to help someone else along that path.

I am ever grateful for the loving connections that have evolved through our blogging community which we have grown through our writings and by reaching out in kindness, generosity and always with a loving heart.  Friendships have blossomed through our writings that have cemented many of us soul to soul in miraculous ways.  From WordPress comments to emails to actual phone calls, I can count many deep friendships which span the world now for which I am honored to be a part of in this lifetime – and yet, we have never met face to face.  But the love is there, without ever being in each other’s physical presence.

It’s so interesting to me that I have yet to meet anyone face to face that I met through blogging and yet I count many of you as true friends.  What a gift this Presents of Presence has been for me!  I pray that you feel the same way – that my writings, my comments and my love for all of you shines its heartlight and helps to raise the energetic vibrations of this world’s energy to encourage peace, love, compassion and understanding along with connections to all.

May your heart be lifted today and may your heartlight shine for all to see, for I see you out there dearest friends and I am ever grateful, as always, for our connections.

Shine On!


36 thoughts on “Gratitude For Eight Years On WordPress

  1. Congratulations! Eight years is a long time for a blogger, especially these days when people go from one thing to another at the blink of an eye. May you continue blogging for many more years.

  2. Thank you kind lady, your beautiful energy is always gratefully received and appreciated. While ever this energy is created with hearts like yours, the world will always be smiling 😀
    Have a beautiful weekend and may those smiles be returned in kind 😀 ❤

  3. Eight years! Congratulations! I agree that the blogosphere is a place where we may not physically “see” people but they are there and I feel a real connection with many of them.

  4. Congratulations on 8 years. You started a year and a half before me and have covered many more topics. It’s true we often start our blogs for one reason and continue for others. Some posts will be more relevant to some readers than others but I think we have all found a friendly place here. May the writing and connection continue. Happy Easter, Yvonne.

    • Happy Easter Marlene! I am so grateful we have connected over the years. You’ve been writing a long time too! How wonderful! I hope we both continue writing, connecting and being ‘Herself’ for a long, long time! xoxo

    • Thanks David! You are so kind and sweet. Hoping for another eight with many more connections through blogging! I’m grateful that we have connected!

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