Snow Brings Out Neighborly Kindness

There’s a kindness during a snowstorm in the Northeast.  Being out here in the farmland, people are especially nice and I am very grateful for their generosity considering my predicament.

So this morning, when my telephone line was heavy with snow, hanging dangerously low across the street, I saw my next door neighbor outside, shaking the snow from his beautiful trees and having to cut some limbs which had broken.  When I explained my worry, he came over and with a huge pole, and was able to knock the snow from the line, freeing it to spring back to it’s normal height thus restoring what could have been my phone line being broken by a tall truck.  Yippee!

I was plowed into my driveway too and I just don’t have the strength to shovel that much heavy snow.  I was praying for help as I was outside taking the snow off of my car in anticipation in getting out of the driveway when a man riding a small tractor came up the street.  Seeing my dilemma, he stopped and asked if I needed help.  Yes please!  So he’s now getting the heavy 2 feet of snow that the snow plows left at the base of my driveway.

God is good.  People are good.  Strangers are kind and all is well.  I hope you are enjoying the snow day today.  I am feeling very blessed myself and I send blessings your way as well!

Shine On!


6 thoughts on “Snow Brings Out Neighborly Kindness

  1. I’m glad you got the help you needed. “Together, we can handle anything” seems to be the spirit after a storm.

    It’s a good feeling to be able to help someone who needs the help. My neighbor is 92, and he has always cleared his own snow. I think it pains him to admit that he can’t always handle it, but I’m always glad to help.

    • Thanks Dan. I HEARTily agree with you – Together we can handle anything. Great quote!! You are so right! How sweet of you to help your neighbor. We are all in this world together, so why not do our best to help each other? I’m with you on that one! 🙂

  2. There’s something about a snowstorm that seems to bring out the best in everyone. Even here in Western New York, where we’re so totally used to massive snowfalls, people go out of their way to help each other afterwards. It makes me feel good. I’m glad you have neighbors to help you, too.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you have good neighbors too! I agree – there’s something magical that brings out the best in us when it snows! But I think I’m ready for no more snow this season!

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