Spring Has Sprung!


Heralding in Spring today on the Equinox, I look outside to a snow-cloud covered sky.  While I must admit, I was excited for Spring to have sprung today, I also am probably the last person in my neighborhood who can say yes to one last snow fall for the season.

Because for me, there’s something still very magical about snow falling, the crisp cold in the air and the smell, oh! the smell of snow coming!  You know that smell, don’t you?  That smell excites me to my very core because I love to watch snow fall and to be out amidst those big huge flakes as they waft down.  Oh, I’m so excited, like a little child!  My children laugh at me because I’m the one who insists we should wear our pjs inside out for a potential snow day off from school!  Have you followed that tradition too at your house?

I love the fact that towards the end of the week, after the snowfall, we will have warmer temperatures which means melting snow and not as much shoveling!  Woo Hoo!  But honestly, I don’t mind shoveling as long as there’s not a lot to do.  You know me though, I like Mother Nature’s gifts for the most part.

We’ve had our share of snowfalls this year thus far, so I am sure that there are plenty of people who don’t like my Pollyanna attitude towards the anticipated snowfall.  But as a gal who enjoys what a snowday offers – staying home in our pjs, being housebound while watching the outside world go by in a sea of white flakes, playing board games and watching tv, and eating comfort foods with my children – well, then can we just enjoy one last snowday – please!

Shine On!



11 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung!

  1. Ah Yvonne, the joys of childhood. If we can keep those joyful attitudes it will change the world. Don’t let the nay sayer’s have their way, dance in the snow in your pj’s next to the road and let others ‘see’ there is joy in the world (trust me, they’ll smile with a secret delight that you are…and they wish they could too 😀 ) ❤ 😀
    Shoot, some may stop and join you 😀 😀

    • Mark you made me giggle! Never would I be in my pjs on the road dancing! But I would dance by the road wrapped in my heavy coat, big boots and do a jig! LOL Thanks for understanding my childhood joy! I would love to inspire others to remember and delight in their childhood fun! 🙂

  2. Most of the time, I am with you on the subject of snow, except for the PJs, that’s a new one to me. I don’t mind it, I don’t mind clearing it, and it was so much fun to watch our daughter play in it, and these days, to watch the dog go nuts. When I don’t like it is when I’m traveling and the snow is impacting my wife’s ability to get around and my ability to get home. It’s better these days than it was early in my career. I can decide to change my schedule, to a degree. I do like the snow when it sticks to everything and paints the world white, even for a few hours, Then, the color melts through and the world is very pretty.

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