The Present


Today’s Daily Prompt of PRESENT was a no-brainer for me to write about because hello! it’s the name of my blog!  The Presents of Presence.

It’s been a HUGE PRESENT to write to you, to make connections with you and to get to know all of you!  I love our friendships and I feel grateful and honored to know you all!

Because if we look around, precious moments are presents and they are everywhere.  But they can be fleeting when we are not paying attention.  You know what I mean?  When you turn around and wonder, what in the world did I do yesterday?  Or how did this past week fly by?

We have a limited time on this earth dear friends.  Connections can be fleeting or lifelong.  Either way, we must take each and every special opportunity to savor them.

May you have a blessed day and continue to shine your heartlights!

Shine On!


9 thoughts on “The Present

  1. Thank you kind lady, your blessings are gratefully received and returned in kind ❤
    P.S. My email account is having a little hissy fit so I'm going to be a little on and off while I make some long overdue changes. Time to get it to do what I wish for a change 😀

  2. Being in the moment is so much easier when you know the moments are growing shorter. I think that’s why old people slow down so much. Driving the car down the road, we don’t want to rush to where we are going, we want to enjoy the journey. I make an adventure out of everything now. Video taped the fat snow flakes coming down tonight and enjoyed the cold that went with them. Everything feels so precious now. Like a gift. 🙂

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