Empathic Eclipse Of The Heart


I’m struggling today.  Surely it’s due to a bunch of different occurrences, but my heart is heavy and my solar plexus is filled with sadness.  The news of the school shooting in Florida made me cry for the unbelievable news haunts me.  To have sent your children and loved ones off to school on Valentine’s Day, where they should be safe, and to have this life changing situation happen is beyond my understanding.

How can our world be so filled with destruction, ugliness and hate?

I don’t want to discuss gun control so please don’t go there.  I just am in this place of extreme sadness for the lack of peace and love in our world.  My heart aches for the losses of life.  I’m saddened to my core by the lack of love that swirls, the absence of peace and I ache for healing for all of us.  I feel the fear that events such as these increase and the extreme heartbreak that lingers.

Yet, as stories emerge of bravery, and of courage under fire, I know that there are many good-hearted people in the world who do step up in the face of danger as shown by the courageous acts that are recounted.  I hang onto the hope from hearing them.  But I’m also crushed that the heroes have fallen as they protected others.  Surely there’s a special place in Heaven for those who give up their lives in order to save someone else.

We have another eclipse today as well which certainly affects us all, especially empaths like me.  Our weather is changing too which doesn’t help so I am honoring myself and allowing these feelings to flow onto this page in order to help to heal.  Perhaps you are feeling similarly?

Dear friends, globally let’s shine our heartlights and raise the loving vibrations of our community here in the blogsphere.  Please let’s send healing thoughts with light and love into the world today.  Please let’s drive out the darkness with our heartlights.

I’m sending you all love and healing vibrations of community.  Let’s join together to send prayers and support to those victims and their families as they face the aftermath of what is becoming all too common.  Thank you for reading my post.

Shine On!


19 thoughts on “Empathic Eclipse Of The Heart

  1. Sending an abundance of love affection and care to everyone in need; for those impacted directly, and for others such as misifusa and the rest of us feeling impacted indirectly. Please, universe here our entreaty and send our healing thoughts and emotions to everyone even those feeling so disconnected alone and in pain, they strike out at the innocent and vulnerable.

  2. Much love, light and blessings to you Yvonne, and to those who experienced this event. May it break those patterns of fear that trigger these things and show that there is another way ❤

  3. Bless you for sending out light in this darkness. I have really struggled with this news. As a mother I just cannot fathom the agony of losing a child like this. I am trying to keep my head up and not despair of the state of things. But we must shine our lights and keep on shining .

  4. Amen, Yvonne.
    What we lack as a society that would turn a member of that society into a killer is reverence for God. In diminishing His utmost importance in our lives has desensitized us, so much so, that we too seldom recognize the suffering in others. In that, we are unable to head trouble off before it comes to a head. These sad tragedies occur because for decades now, without that reverence for God, we have fostered a culture of death. We need only look about us to witness the many ways how in our own country life is disrespected.

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