We Are Here To Serve


I’ve often wondered, why me? when life gets hard.  I think it’s a normal response when we feel overwhelmed by hard life experiences.  We’ve all had them, but to different extents and different types of experiences.  Dysfunctional relationships.  Cancer.  Financial problems.  Death of a loved one.  Divorce.  Alzheimer’s.  Childhood hurts.  Depression.  Family relationships gone awry.  Illness.  Just to name a few, I am sure we share some of the same hurdles, but maybe in different ways.

Life experiences teach us what we couldn’t have learned otherwise.  We can’t help others if we haven’t endured similar issues in our own lives.  What’s that quote?  Walk a mile in my shoes?  Maybe I haven’t walked in your particular shoes, but perhaps my similar experience is enough to connect with you and to help you on this life journey.

I am grateful for all that I have endured in my lifetime.  When we can see the gratitude in the hardships, we can change how we feel about them.  We increase our faith and our love quotient.  We rise above what we could have let hold us back from living a full life.

We are all here to help each other as we connect, we bond and we share our experiences.  There’s nothing better than someone else who knows what you are going through (by similar experience) who reaches out to share the experience with you as a friend, a guiding light to help you find peace within while offering a hand to hold as you heal.

The Why Me?  was answered recently by my soul who gave the response that if I hadn’t endured these experiences, I would be unable to connect so purely with others who may be in the trenches.  Without first-hand knowledge, I would only be able to sympathize and not empathize and put myself in similar shoes.  Does that make sense to you?

What I know for sure (thanks to Oprah for the phrase) is that we are here to serve one another in this lifetime.  To share experiences, to open our hearts with compassion and love and to shine our heartlights together!

You are not alone…take my hand and let’s…

Shine On!


15 thoughts on “We Are Here To Serve

  1. I came to learn in my funeral director career, that I became a more effective caregiver the older I got. . . as life beat me up a bit and I experienced my own losses.

    You make the point very effectively.

    • Ray, it is by your kind heartlight that you have certainly brought much healing to the world, especially in your chosen field of helping others through the process of laying to rest their beloved. I agree that it is by our experiences we are better caregivers because we know more because we’ve been exposed to more human experiences in our lifetime. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Those interactions in our live always serves two purposes…theirs and ours, in whatever way they have meaning. In my early days of healing I thought I was healing the world, until spirit showed me the depth of those interactions and just how powerful they are to me as well as others, even when nothing seemed to be happening for me in those interactions with other people. I then got sat on my backside as spirit showed me how my urge to heal others was only built on my fear of rejection and not coming from that true place of unconditional.
    But as you have said, that is our journey, to find that love within from those hard and beautiful yards that we tread ❤
    Great post Yvonne, your heart light is most certainly awakening ❤

    • Mark, you write so eloquently of healing. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences. Unconditional love and acceptance is key and sometimes hard, but we keep working on ourselves, our thoughts and actions and as we heal, our relationships do likewise. I love that you’re such an amazing healer. I’m blessed to know you! ♥

      • As I am to know you kind lady…someone who has the courage to put her light at the front door for others to see, and show that this path of inner love that you follow is something that they also wish to find, simply by being that truth that you have become because of that journey ❤

  3. I feel grateful for my challenges too — especially now when so much is confusing around me. I can’t imagine not being able to navigate a little bit. ❤ Love to you always —

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