Moving Up The Family Tree


As we age, I imagine we move up in the family tree.  As babies, we begin at the root of the family tree with our parents and other family members protecting us as we grow.  As we get older, we begin to branch off as our own limbs on the family tree and when/if we should marry and have children of our own, we develop our own branches off of our family trunk of love.

As the family tree increases, peopled with loving connections, it grows.  New branches and connections are formed to increase the tree’s size.  At mid-life though, something happens.  We begin to be in the middle or higher branches of the tree.  No longer are we one of the younger whipper-snappers, but we are now parents, aunts, uncles, and maybe even grandparents and we rise in the tree.  No longer are we establishing our branches.  We are expanding them with offshoots by our own family increasing in size.

When my father died, I was too grief-stricken to feel the shift that happened.  But I feel it now.  We’ve recently had a cousin of my Dad’s generation pass away.  No longer am I a child, but an adult, and I feel it’s my duty to represent our family limb in the passing of a beloved family member from another of the tree’s offshoots.

I guess it’s the way life progresses, but it was an eye-opening moment for me when I realized that I’m nearing the upper echelon of the tree.  I’m grateful that I’m a part of such a lovely family tree and I’m honored to be a part of the rising branches within our family tree.

Are you feeling that change in the generations too?  I guess as we age or under certain circumstances, we become the older generation, ready to nurture the younger ones as time goes by.  It’s all a part of the cycle of life.

Shine On!



16 thoughts on “Moving Up The Family Tree

  1. Yes, I’m feeling the shift. Coincidentally, I’m going to a funeral today. Not my family, but a friend’s father. Sigh. Their tree is shifting….

  2. My parents are both gone and I remember realizing at my Mother’s funeral that now I was the oldest. I was the ‘front leader’. I have one cousin who is older than me but we are the two eldest and , as you have pointed out, we are at the top of the tree.

  3. It’s those moments in life where we suddenly look back and realise that something has changed. A large part of our lives seems to have ‘gone past’ at a great rate of knots. And then those responsibilities that were everyone else’s, suddenly become our own 🙂

  4. Since my children didn’t have children, the tree branch stops with them. No one to pass anything on to so I give stuff to my niece and her children. Not sure they will have children either. Interesting change in the world.

  5. I never thought of it like that… moving up the family tree. That’s a very striking but apt image. I shall always bear that in mind now. My son has a family tree project to do this term….

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