Making Friends Through Blogging


I like my friends like I like my M&M candies.  (My old English teacher would have hated that sentence because for a full year he wouldn’t let us use the work like!)  Sorry, but I couldn’t help getting off task for a moment…ahem…let me begin again.

I don’t care about your candy coated color, I just care that you are sweet inside.  Oh boy, does that sound goofy when I reread it!  But it’s true.  Honestly.  That’s why I love blogging.  We meet people from all over the world and what’s the tie that binds us?  Blogging.  Being kind to others.  Taking the time to read someone else’s work / life / poetry / photography / philosophy /short stories, etc.  Blogging unites us in ways that we may not have had the chance to bond.  I’ve met hundreds of bloggers and many hold a treasured place in my heart, as real as my own soul family, even though we’ve never met in person.  With technology these days, this is not a remote possibility anymore.  It’s factual.  It’s friendship without borders.  It’s friendship through blogging and making global connections.

We share our lives through blogging and through those connections, we become friends.  Well, maybe better said virtual friends, but friends all the same.  It’s funny how some of us now talk on the phone, text and email as well as comment on each other’s blogs.  It’s a community of sorts with blogging friendships.  We’ve shared triumphs, failures and lessons learned.  We’ve shared advice, companionship and understanding.  We’ve shared good times and bad times and even been there for each other when we’re grieving through life’s hurts.  We’ve shared heartfelt hugs, prayers and love.  We’ve shared inspirational tidbits, learned new things and have grown our minds, hearts and souls by opening ourselves to others’ points of view.  How awesome is blogging when we use it universally for positivity and for connecting with others!

Your blogs entice me to learn.  You inspire me to be a better person.  Your photography makes me smile.  Your poetry makes me feel deeply.  Your camaraderie promotes peace and connections.  Your heartlights shine brilliantly and I am truly grateful!

I just want to thank you all for being exactly who you are!

The perfect M&Ms who sweeten my days!

Shine On!


44 thoughts on “Making Friends Through Blogging

  1. Funny you should post on this. I accompanied my husband on a business trip this week so that I could visit one of my blogging friends in person. It has been fun! It’s also interesting how fundamentally different we are, but can connect through the ether because of our blogs. We don’t have to be alike to be friends!

  2. Reblogged this on Mitigating Chaos and commented:
    I read this and decided to pass it along. In many ways, we are the modern day “Pen Pals”. I have also met several bloggers over the eight years I’ve been doing this and that makes it even more fun. Thanks for the story, Yvonne!

  3. Great post! My two favorite lines: “I don’t care about your candy coated color, I just care that you are sweet inside.” and “…friendships without borders.”

  4. I come here via Ray/Mitigating Chaos. And I am so glad I did. I lost such a dear friend on New Years Eve. We met through our blogs, we became real friends and my other real friends in this place are the once who have really helped most (apart from my husband, of course). The friendships we forge are as important, often more important that traditional friendships because somehow in this place we don’t hold back. Thank you for this lovely piece. It inspires me to keep going and it inspires me to meet more of the wonderful people I have met on this amazing journey ❤️

    • Thank you for stopping by. Ray is lovely, isn’t he? I am sorry to hear about your friend. I am sending hugs as I know how it feels. I feel as you do, that we don’t hold back here in this community and that we are so filled with kindness and friendship that I pray we can continue it outside the blogosphere. Enjoy this amazing journey and I’m so glad to have met you! ♥

  5. And as you are too kind lady. You mesmerize us in your adventures, especially in the snow 😀
    And keep us smiling in spite of ourselves sometimes, and share the one thing that unites us all, that ‘connection’ that is a part of who we are inside ❤

    • Leon! How lovely that you can make balloon animals! What a fun way to keep the kiddies entertained! 🙂 I loved the video! LOL Thanks again for babysitting at the party! Next time, I want to see you out dancing!
      Big hugs to you all! I hope you have the loveliest weekend filled with love, light, health, wealth and precious moments of togetherness. xoxoxo

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