Can You Name Who Left These Tracks?


All different tracks in the snow!  And none of them human!

So I went outside after the snowfall and in the back of our property here, there were tons of footprints in the snow!  It was, as if once the snow stopped, all of the little animals came out to play and Waaaaa!!!  I missed the show!  You know how I love my little animal friends.  It looks like they had a party while I was asleep.

None of the tracks were human.  There were no shoe prints, only interesting tracks and all different kinds.  There were a few more photos that I took, but they were blurry so there are an additional two different tracks still unnamed.  Maybe you can help me figure out who made them?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


1. Who made these tracks?


2. Do you think it’s a deer?


3. Bunny?


4. A herd of deer perhaps?


5. Any ideas?


6. This was in a pattern too.


7. Last but not least…who made these tracks?

For ease in identifying them, I numbered them 1-7.  If you have any ideas or know about paw prints, please let me know!  I thought it was a fun way to put your expertise to the test because I am certainly clueless with these!

Thanks for any and all help!

Shine On!


36 thoughts on “Can You Name Who Left These Tracks?

    • Oh that could be birds of prey! I never thought about it, but skies here are full of hawks etc. Great thinking Saymber! Thank you! 🙂 Small Yeti painting! I’m still giggling…

  1. One is a stork on crutches, the long streaks is two snakes dancing the rumba, and a third I’m sure is some geese playing pool 😀
    Ok, that might be a little ‘out there’ Yvonne but the bunny tracks means your going to have to sit out there on a moonlit night and watch the playing by all and sundry, or at least setup a night camera to play back the following day to satisfy your curiosity of ‘who’ is in your winter wonderland 😀 ❤

    • Hiiiiihhh!!!
      (((Yvonne my dearest amazon, I myself am still giggling with Mark’s hilarious scenarios, but not as hard as Leon who’s fallen over with laughter and cannot breathe properly, and since he’s felt my heart before and now I feel his, he asked me to convey to you his gratitude for this wonderful community you have gathered and take care of and pray with. Looking forward to our next healing meeting, Your Sammy)))

      • Mark, you were the hit of the snowtracks! Thanks for all the giggles you gave us with your lovely imagination! I love that we’re a community full of happy, caring people! Isn’t that what life’s all about? Woo hoo! ♥ 🙂

      • And I might add, I’ve just realised that I haven’t been receiving your posts, I thought you both had been a little quiet 😀
        I shall re-follow and correct that ❤

      • Sammy, you and Leon made me laugh so hard by your response to Mark’s scenarios! I love to laugh and I love it when my friends laugh with me so cheers to Mark and his lovely imagination and to your giggles as well which brought me to tears with laughter imagining Leon!
        I love our community here and I feel very blessed to know and to love you all! Big healing hugs to you both! Happy Wednesday! xo

      • (((She sees us, Leon, she sees us!
        And Mark IS lovely, my dearest amazon, and he is not imagining things! If you knew the things I have already seen in the night-time myself… That nice camera of yours is sure to expose some inimitable horseplay! Hiiiiiiiihihihihi!
        Oh certainly, balanced healers CAN be that funny! Your Sam will continue behaving as gently as always.)))

        Love you, love you, love you, Yvonne! We all do! ✨😄💛✨😄💖✨😄💜✨

      • Dearest friends! Read what happened last night! You and Mark were right!! Oh I love the fiesta I attended last night! Were you there too? xoxoxoox

      • Yes, of course we were! So many left their really young ones there by the trees, not too far from the geese, and who do you think was babysitting? 🐰🐱🐿🐶🐇🐈🐥🦊

      • I thought that was you! Who else could have kept them busy or kept the geese in line! I’m sure Clover the bunny was hopping over to see you by the trees. That’s how she tripped over the 8 ball! LOL xoxoxo

    • Mark, I couldn’t have asked for a funnier response than yours and I love it! Honestly, I think everyone does and I am greatly appreciative! Now if I can only get the camera set up so we can watch all the shenanigans at night! If I can figure it out, I’ll be sure to post it. Of course, I’ll have the rumba music playing for the snakes, the pool cues ready for the geese and a comfy chair for the stork on which to rest! LOL I can’t forget extra carrots for the bunnies too! Thanks for bringing such a sweet smile to my face and many giggles to us all! 🙂 ♥

      • My pleasure kind lady, I’m glad it brought a smile. I have no doubt your energy allows the many visitors, as it is an open energy and they feel comfortable around you ❤

  2. My husband said Bigfoot and his wife and kids. I see rabbit prints for #5&6. You need a nanny cam to catch the nocturnal playtime!

    • Big Foot, his wife and kids! YIKES! Tell your hubby to please stay out of my yard! LOL I’m kidding and giggling. Hope he is too!
      I agree that those are probably bunny tracks. Maybe I’ll put out some grapes for them as I have a few left over. Something to sweeten the party tonight! haha
      I wish I had a nighttime nanny cam! I love imagining all the fun shenanigans in my yard while I’m sleeping! Maybe I’ll creep out tonight to see them! I’ll let you know what I see! 🙂

    • Thanks Karel. I agree with you. Who knew I had such a nighttime party going on! I haven’t seen any deer since I’ve been here so I was surprised by the tracks in the snow, but I’m excited now to know that they’re here and hopefully I will see them in person at some point. I used to have deer at our old house and I loved seeing them. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re doing well xoxo

  3. I definitely agree with Mark’s interpretation of the tracks…. DEFINITELY a stork on crutches (or something on crutches anyway)!! HAHAHAH!!!!! Hilarious!

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