Winsome Winter

IMG_2287 (3)

Icicles! Icicles! Icicles!

In addition to the massive snowfall, the gusty winds and the freezing cold, the house has developed icicles!  These are the biggest ones I’ve ever seen!  What a winsome winter we’re having here!  Thanks Mother Nature!

In the photos, you probably can’t see that there are some which are even taller than me (because they end behind the banister on the stairway), but I think they are beautiful.  When the sun was shining on them and they were glistening, they were magnificent.  Unfortunately the photos I took don’t do them justice.


Snowfall and morning moon with a snow drift in the bottom forefront! Farm house across the road.

The temperatures with wind chills factored in are reaching – 5 to – 20 which is mighty cold for Jersey.  But we are cozy in the house, so that’s all that counts.  We had some snow drifts that were about 3 feet high in places, so they weren’t shoveled.  But the driveway is clear, thanks to a few snowblowers and some back breaking shoveling.  Thank God, all is well.


A little Caturday surprise before the tree is removed.

How are you doing in your area?  Snow?  Cold?  Windy?  Sunny?  Warm?  I hope that whatever your weather, you are nestled all snug in your home like our kitty Tigger.  As always, I wish you a lovely Saturday, filled with blessings, goodness and with a heartlight that shines brilliantly!

Shine On!



27 thoughts on “Winsome Winter

  1. Icecycles like that were common on most homes when we spent that year in Michigan. While we were just on the edge of the snow line in SC, it has been ridiculously cold, but we are promised temps near 70 by midweek.

  2. It’s supposed to rain here – skies are all gray right now. Yesterday was lovely out – just enjoy while we can right?! Those are some epic icicles you have growing there! Stay warm! Hugs!

  3. The world is surely showing us extremities… in Australia they are experiencing 49 C! Here in Spain we are experiencing 22C with very strong sunlight in the day and about 10C in the night. We’re never sure what to wear! so glad we chose to live in the warmer climate though. Your icicles send me a chill down my spine… but I also see the beauty in all. Happy new year Misifusa x love barbara

    • Happy New Year Barbara! Feliz Ano Nuevo! Enjoy sunny Spain! I love that we can see the beauty in all the cold icicles and warm sunshine! Big hugs to you! xo

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