Miraculous Moment


Sweet Sam and me after our first trot together!

I had a miraculous moment with Sam recently.  I hadn’t been riding in awhile and when I got back in the saddle on Sam, I needed a few minutes to remember.  You know what I mean?  Literally, I had to get my frame of mind back on the horse.  Pardon the puns, but they were so easy! LOL

I began my lesson as per usual, walking and guiding Sam around the paddock.  Keeping my heels down, body upright and core tightened as I took my cues from my instructor Sasha.  After a nice warmup, I could feel the tension in my hands still, but because it was chilly, I figured it was just me, which it was – me – still not trusting myself enough nor Sam.  So Sasha gave me a surprise which I can only liken to opening a big unexpected present on Christmas morning – and you know how much I love Christmas morning!

Sasha took away all of my control.  Putting Sam on a lead and taking away my reins, we rode in circles.  Holding on to the saddle for dear life at first and getting my balance.  I admit, I was scared.  Then Sasha had me let go of one hand on the saddle.  Deep breath in, I released my right hand and put it out beside me.  I wobbled at first, still walking in circles and then Sasha commanded both hands.  Deep breath in, exhaled and let go.  We went through a series of exercises all the while I was riding without reins and feeling more and more comfortable in my saddle on Sam.  He was a perfect gentleman and it clicked!  Suddenly it was like – I got this!  I’m utterly, wonderfully comfortable sitting on this sweet horse and I felt as if we were one!  It was such a miraculous feeling of profound centeredness and tranquility and euphoria!  Giggling with child-like wonder, I proudly sat up straight, fully comfortable in the saddle in that special moment with a big happy grin on my face as we bonded!


Triumphantly Sam and I are bonding!  Look Ma!  No hands!

Sasha then informed me that we were going to trot a bit.  My heart leapt at the exciting prospect, but a little anxiety crept in.  I knew in my heart that I had full trust in both Sasha and Sam, so I agreed (not like Sasha would have let me back out though which is what I really like about her!)

Hands back on the saddle and Sam began to trot in a circle and with sheer delight, I was euphoric!  In a big wave of gratitude, my soul was flying, bonded with Sam.  As one, we trotted for the first time together in a circle!  We slowed to walk again and I rested my hands on my thighs to show Sasha my newfound balance.  Then we trotted again and I was on Cloud 9!    A first for me in so many ways as a wave of healing engulfed me.  Perhaps you won’t understand, but it was like a clearing for me in many ways, both personal and relative to my life.  It was as if all the debris of past broken trust had been swept away and a newness full of hope and utterly centered healing trust was returned to me.  Trust in myself, trust in Sam and Sasha and finally, trust in God and in the Universe!

Words can’t describe the feelings I’ve had since that moment and perhaps I sound silly to you, but to me it was a miraculous moment that I wanted to remember, so I am blogging about it.

After my lesson, Sam and I bonded for awhile.  Nuzzling and talking with him afterwards was so lovely.  It was as if we understood each other.  I gave him treats as he snuggled into me.  Even after I returned him to his stall, I was hesitant to leave him and I think he was enjoying me too as instead of going to eat, he stayed at the doorway, letting me know in no uncertain terms that he wanted to continue our time together.  So, I hung around with him, talking and petting his velvet face with him affectionately snuggling into me and making me laugh with his antics!


Sam had me giggling when I took the photo and accidentally cropped myself out! But see his sweet face? Pure love!

When I left the barn, I walked to my car happily as I usually do, but there was a knowing in me that I haven’t felt in a long time.  When I got to the gate of the farm to leave, my trusty horse friends were there to greet me.  But even they were warmer with their welcomes.  It was as if telepathically Sam had told them of our riding experience.  I ended up spending extra time petting them too, reluctant to leave these amazing creatures whose love was filling my soul with peace and trust.


One of the ‘gatekeepers’ – I don’t know this guy’s name, but he is so affectionate! All he wanted was for me to keep petting his velvet nose and talk with him! He kept following me!


Here’s sweet Ely who always greets me when I arrive at the gate to the farm. He couldn’t get enough petting yesterday either – and frankly neither could I!


Mr. Chips is more timid, but he too was interested in getting some affection yesterday before I left!

I remind myself that healing comes when we are ready to embrace it and that Divine Timing has all the answers.  We just have to be open to the opportunities of letting go and letting God and the Universe to help us to heal.  Mother Nature’s creatures innately help us when we trust and have faith.

Thanks for reading my post today.  I know I was long-winded and maybe not even making sense to you, but to me, it was a profoundly important moment that I wanted to share.

Shine On!


35 thoughts on “Miraculous Moment

    • Karel, it was!! It was magical! I am still reading that book. Lately I haven’t had time to read, but I’m looking forward to finishing it someday soon. I hope you are doing well. Been busy here so I haven’t had a chance to read blogs…thinking of you dear friend. I know this is a hard time of year for you xoxoxo

    • Oh you and your wolves – what a blessing Princess Rosebud! I knew you’d understand. I hope you have a lovely holiday and I am thinking of you always. Enjoy Angel Boys 1 & 2 and DIL!! xoxo

      • That oneness with an animal is something so precious-I am so happy for you! It’s sort of akin to how we are with our boy children,don’t you agree-there is a certain “in sync” quality to our relationship at times. I still feel it once in a while when my son and I are alone and he’s reading and looks up and I can tell he’s thinking about something, and we glance at each other. Just a certain deep KNOWING. Very special moments.

      • Oh yes, it’s a true blessing to feel so connected as that’s what life is all about – the precious moments of connections that we all make with everyone and everything. We are blessed to have such amazing boy children with whom we have that special bond! I pray all is well with you dear friend xoxo

  1. I’m so happy for you Yvonne. That moment cannot be explained to someone who hasn’t ‘touched’ that connection with animals before. And as you said, it leaves such a feeling of love and peace because it does involve a healing within us, that ‘let go’ of something we’ve held for a long time ❤
    Horse's are healers, they can 'feel' when your ready and that connection is a moment you will never forget. And the euphoria is because it is a very unconditional acceptance from them, which we break through and open to and then give back to them. It is a very trustful bond because of it ❤
    I'm off to see all the animals tomorrow (finally), so my 'connection' is awaiting me ❤ 😀
    Have a beautiful Christmas Yvonne, may it be as wonderful, peaceful and loving connection as with Sam ❤ 😀

    • OH Mark! You are so eloquent and I appreciate your understanding. And I was hoping you would see my post and read it because I knew you’d get it. I can’t wait to hear about your healing with Lilly and (I can’t remember the other one’s name, I’m sorry). Tomorrow I will think of you all and send you healing hugs especially, even though I know you have your own healing power. I just want to hear all about the experience if you would please share. If not, I understand…
      I pray you have a beautiful Christmas too Mark and may it be filled with peace, love and joy and as always, beautiful connections! God Bless! xoxo

      • Thank you kind lady. His name is Amigo and a most beautiful soul I have ever met 😀
        All healing from a heart regardless of where they are at in life (healers, cooks, pilots or garbage collectors), are a blessing for the love that they hold my friend. Your healing hugs are accepted with gratitude, for us all ❤
        God bless you also Yvonne. Have a beautiful Christmas, may your encounters be also filled with much love ❤ xo

      • Mark, I’m thinking of you and Amigo! What an amazing bond! God Bless You Mark and all the healing light and connections you bring to this world! So happy for our connection as well! xo ♥

    • Thanks Ray! I am sure your wife would understand even more deeply than I do at this moment…but the knowing takes time, but it’s so awesome! Merry Christmas friend!

  2. OH what a beautiful Post. Just the best Christmas.. So happy you are back in the saddle and so wishing you a wonderful Christmas. May the healing keep on coming on all levels..
    LOVE and HUGS xxx

  3. I went into namaste with this, Yvonne, palms tingling, another ring closing in this telepathic chain. Thank you so much for sharing, God bless you always, Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dear One! 🎄🎁✨💛🙏Leon

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