What’s Your Inheritance?


What comes to mind when you think inheritance?  Is it inheriting money?  Eye color?  Personality traits?  Grandma’s silver?  Family treasures?  Cancer genes?  Mental illness?  Or something else?  Is what you feel you’ve inherited a treasure or a curse?

Do you ever think about what your family will feel they’ve inherited from you?  I think it’s a valid question to think about as we live our lives.  What will you be remembered for?  Will it be treasured or cursed?

I know these are a lot of profound questions to ask yourself, but they are relevant, not only to The Daily Post, but to ourselves and to those around us.  What will you leave behind?  What do you want to leave behind?

For me, I want my children to remember me with joyful memories of a loving mom who taught them to love and to honor their family.  I want them to inherit the understanding that comes with loving people for all the good and the quirks of each individual.  I want them to inherit the mentality that the glass is half full and how each day holds miracles – that hardships are life lessons which make us stronger, help us to bond and to learn how to love even more deeply.  I want them to inherit a good sense of wholeness in health, mind, body and spirit.  I want them to inherit the knowing that comes with faith in themselves, in others, in God and with our Divine Universal code of love.  I want them to inherit an earth filled with peace, abundance for all and kindness.  I want them to inherit the blessings that have been bestowed on me, the amazing relationships that I’ve made and the soul family who are not necessarily biological.  I want them to inherit whatever wealth I have left in order to help them to succeed.  I want them to inherit a lifetime of knowing that they are loved from my whole heart.

I pray they will look back on my life, with all its peaks and valleys, knowing that I did the best I could to be the best person I could be.  I want them to be proud of themselves and of me.  I want them to remember The Presents of Presence.

Shine On!



6 thoughts on “What’s Your Inheritance?

  1. If your children inherit these things from you they will be on a very good path in life. I especially like the Divine Universal code of Love. That….that is what we all need to keep at the front of our minds.

  2. Weirdly enough, I think that each child inherits what speaks to them. They don’t all learn the same things or feel the same way about things. They are individuals, and even if I think I am teaching the same to each, they will interpret and learn it slightly – or maybe vastly – differently than what I think I’m teaching. Teaching/learning is a co-creation with which both have some responsibility. Thanks for making me think about this. This is what I learned from my children, but thinking about it is helping me a little when I think about the things I learned from my parents. Hmmm. Thank you.

  3. I inherited an unconditional love…it just takes a while to understand it and appreciate the beauty that is hidden within it ❤
    Beautiful post Yvonne, may your lessons be with that love ❤

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