Thank You Pedro!


We have a snowstorm coming coincidentally when we were planning on getting the Christmas tree.  Who wants to bring a snow-laden tree into the house?  Not me!  So after the children agreed that they didn’t care if they chose the tree this year, I went to our favorite tree place and began my hunt for the perfect tree.

It wasn’t easy and I spent 30 minutes walking around in a daze until Pedro came over to me.  Pedro is a worker at the tree farm who, after watching me walk up and down the aisles of trees, decided to help me.

When I told him what type of tree I was looking for and the size and explained how I was looking for the perfect tree (because who isn’t?), he smiled and said, Come with me.  So willingly I followed him to the back of the lot to the trees which had yet to be put out for display.

This one, he said knowingly, we just got in and I just cut it.  It’s perfect for you.

I looked at it and felt euphoria set into me. Yes, it’s perfect!  I agreed.  Thank you!

Ok, so I will get it ready for you, he said smiling as he easily lifted the huge tree and carried it to be freshly cut for me.  I dutifully walked behind him, chattering the whole time and thanking him.  We have an unusual tradition of naming our Christmas tree so I asked him his name so that we could use it for the tree this year and voila – that’s how our tree was named Pedro.

Right now my house smells like balsam Christmas which sends sparkles down my spine and puts a huge smile on my face!  I love Christmas!

I hope you find the perfect tree for your home too!  If you need help, ask the tree guys because believe me, they know those Christmas trees well!

Now, to decorate with white lights and a beautiful angel on top!

Shine On!



13 thoughts on “Thank You Pedro!

    • Anne, I love that phrase – the Prince of Trees! Yes, his kindness went a long way with me and I am ever grateful! 🙂 Silly tradition of naming trees…I think i started it when the children were little and I don’t know why! 🙂

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how so many people are willing to help when you least expect them to do that? There is so much goodness out there. He could have palmed off any tree to you and still made a sale but he was willing to go the extra mile. I have never heard of naming trees but love the idea. Haven’t had a real tree in the last 17 years. I’m old and they are too costly for me to get a new one each year so I keep reusing the same one. Did get a new one 2 years ago at the thrift store that looks so full and real. If my son had not put it up, it probably wouldn’t have gone up this year. I may leave it up for him to take down in the spring. 🙂 I’ll put different ornaments on it for different seasons. 😉 Just a thought. Or I might even donate it to some charity somewhere. I so miss the smell of a Christmas tree. Maybe I need to find Pedro and have him help me. Good one. Thanks for making me smile.

    • Marlene, I will send Pedro to help you! LOL I like the idea of putting different ornaments on it through the change of seasons! What a lovely way to make the spirit of Christmas continue! 🙂

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