Connecting The Dots

ConnectingthedotsConnecting The Dots

Connection is one of my favorite words because I know that connections are important in this life.  To make connections with other sentient beings, with ideas and philosophies and through the heart, mind and soul, for me, is connecting the dots of being.

Over twenty years ago when chatting on the internet was just starting for me, I met a woman named Jeanne in a cat chat room.  I was newly married and we had just gotten a rescue kitten.  Jeanne was a seasoned cat owner and when I had asked a question on the forum, she answered.  By sharing her knowledge and with me hungry for answers, we began to write back and forth and our friendship blossomed via email.  We talked about life and love and friendship and family….and of course, cats!

Fast forward 20 years and we are Facebook friends, having found each other again on the internet highway.  Occasional likes and messages have kept us in contact even though we had lost touch for many years.  When I asked a cat question on Facebook and quickly Jeanne answered, thus began our re-connection.  As we were messaging on Facebook, and then moved to emails, it was as if no time had passed.  We began catching up over the past years, quickly and easily.  The best part was that we knew what a blessing it was to reconnect again.

We’ve never met in person, yet Jeanne and I have been friends for years.  Life is so different from when we were children, as back then, our friends were limited to those we knew in person.  Much like modern-day pen pals, I guess life has evolved to internet friendships.

So today, I’m grateful for all of our connections, internet and otherwise.  I love how blogging has expanded our friendships globally.  I can now count friendships with all of you, in many different countries and across the USA.  We are gratefully united through friendship and caring.

Have you felt that instant connection with someone whom you’ve never met except on the internet?  Was it through blogging?  Please share!

Shine On!




16 thoughts on “Connecting The Dots

  1. Spot on, Yvonne.

    I have used the “modern-day pen pals” analogy often. While my wife and I are socially active in the real world, there are a handful of people, in a handful of countries, on a few different continents that I feel as close to as anyone locally. People who I have never met (although I have met some) but share a kindred spirit; our tribe. People, who if we were neighbors, we would probably spend a good bit of time together, talking and solving the world’s problems from our perspective.

    You would be one of those neighbors (with my wife’s permission of course. She would come to talk horses).

  2. My husband and I met and fell in love courtesy the internet. People like you and so many others I would never have met had it not been for the internet! Very grateful for it.

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  4. It is a part of who we are Yvonne, connecting in so many ways with the emotions we are built on. And your story just goes to show our ability to build those connections of love within us all, regardless of time and distance ❤
    A great story, thank you for sharing ❤

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