Death Is A Mind Experience


Death comes in many forms.  Death as in the physical body dying.  Death as in the mind dying, which leads to the physical death.  Death as in relationships which disconnects us from loved ones.  Death as in the motivation to live.

The mind/body experience is exponentially important.  Don’t you think?

When our minds become closed, we suffer.  We allow negativity to grow and instead of outsourcing our needs, we may become sullen and distant.  Life experiences can hamper our thinking and we can easily get mired into closed-mindedness when we aren’t aware of how our thoughts are slowly killing us.  When we don’t open up to someone else, we shut the box on possibility and the noose around our thoughts and actions tightens.

It sad to see people who become so embroiled in that battle within their minds.  It’s frustrating to others who witness the demise of personality, only to be helplessly waiting on the sidelines for an opportunity to offer help.  Rebuffed when the offering stands out there, is hard for the one whose mind has closed and for the one who is gently trying to pry the box or door open just a little.

Too much focus on one aspect of life can be detrimental.  Being all-encompassing with grief or fear or hurt or even shame can lock up the mind permanently.

The mind is a muscle that we must exercise.  Like body muscles which when you are working out, must be given different tasks to build different muscles so that we aren’t lopsided after strength training, the mind requires the same.  Left and right hemispheres need thought exercises as well.  To live in only one hemisphere can be detrimental as well as self-sabotaging to our well-being.  We need to balance our brain hemispheres.

Many of us are innately more right brain or left brain thinkers.  We speak, act and make decisions from where we think.  But to enrich our life journey we need to tap into the other side of the brain too.  By doing this, we expand the tapestry of our thinking, of our life experience and make our life richer and fuller.  We live more and we continue growth and expansion which is the opposite of death.

It’s like when you try to clap – do it now.  How are you hands placed?  Now do the opposite hand placement and clap again.  Doesn’t it feel strange?  The groove of routine is cemented that we clap a certain way, but when we try to change it up, it even sounds different.  Did you notice?

Thinking and using the other side of the brain can feel like clapping with the opposite hand.  A little awkward, may feel differently and thoughts may sound odd to you, but it’s still thinking (and clapping).  If you can find it an interesting experiment, take some time to figure out what is the predominate brain side for you.  Then read about it and understand yourself a bit more.  Now read about the opposite side and see if you can tap into that hemisphere for a few minutes today.  Let yourself experience the full capacity of your amazing brain everyday.

Set your brain free and live!

Shine On!


P.S.  I’m not quite sure why or how I wrote this post as it makes little sense to me.  But if it does to you, please let me know. ♥


17 thoughts on “Death Is A Mind Experience

  1. Something I found quite amazing Yvonne. I have for many years now ‘lived’ with my perception switched on, it is now just my normal way of being. I went through something that ‘switched it off’ and the feeling was like that switching hands to clap, but much more profound. I felt so naked without it, almost like being blinded and suddenly having to go through every day life on a very basic level. Like just to stand up and get a drink of water becomes quite a difficult thing if blind.
    Great post, thank you for sharing ‘all sides’ of you ❤ 😀

  2. Yvonne, In that your post is on the brain it is quite thought provoking. And that is why we write…to hopefully make others think. I see the mind in to ways; the left side is analytical and the right side is aesthetic. The left toward mathematical and the right the arts.
    You can tell the tendency of a person as they dine at a Greek Diner. The left brain dominant person needs to look at the entire menu. Whereas the right dominant knows what he/she wants without looking at a menu at all.
    We unlike the animal world are blessed and burdened. We go to sleep at night wondering if we will awake to another morning. Our fellow non-human creatures are not burdened so. Why do I say we are blessed and not burdened by the awareness of our mortality? Because we have been shown that, by the way of the cross; although we have a capacity to fear, we need not.

    • Beautifully written Alan! Thank you for all of your sharing information as it’s a lovely way to look at the brain and life and God.
      As for the Greek restaurant, I guess I’m left brain then because I’d have to look at the whole menu because I’ve never eaten Greek food before! I wouldn’t know what to order or what I’d want! LOL
      It’s always a pleasure to see your comments here. 🙂 Have a lovely day and thank you again!

  3. I try hard to be balanced and it must pay off because all my clapping was the same, regardless of which hand was on top, etc. But I strive to develop my intuition as well as my analytical skills and then to blend them. Nice post for those who just stick with one side of the brain – a very empty life (I used to be this way, so I speak from experience).

    • Thanks Karel! I love that your clapping was the same! I know you have incredible intuition which is something we can develop just like the sides of the brain. Analytically, I’m weak myself. But perhaps someday…♥

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