What Does Christmas Mean To You?


In a month’s time, Christmas will be over.  Can you believe it?  Have you started decorating or shopping yet?  Have you felt the excitement in twinkling lights and frosty weather?  I am a Christmas lover as you can probably tell.

I like simplicity during Christmas.  I love to put up the creche and remember what the holiday is truly about – love and peace.  The warmth of a roaring fire and loving family surrounding me fills my heart with gratitude for life itself.  Peace and love hopefully will reign supreme this holiday season with human kindness spreading its gentle wings upon the earth.  At least that’s what I’m praying for this year.

I love to go to church during the Christmas season and sing all of the old hymns.  When I was younger, I was in the church choir and I adored singing at Christmas masses more than any other time of year.  The magic of Christmas love has stayed with me even though I’m older.  I’ve never quite lost that childhood wonder and Christmas spirit.

Even as a child, I didn’t wanted to grow up during Christmas.  I never told my parents when I stopped believing in Santa as I loved the magic of Christmas morning and I still do!  I don’t know why I’ve always been so enraptured with Christmas.  It’s just innate in me.  I often wonder if I should move to a Christmas village and live there year round or if by doing that, it would make me jaded for my favorite holiday?  Do any of you live in a Christmas village?  Can you tell me what it’s like to have Christmas everyday?

So back to my original question, what does Christmas mean to you?  Sleigh bells ringing?  Snow falling gently on the ground?  Merry moments with family and friends?  Hot toddies by the fire with a special person?  Wrapping special presents to delight and show our love for others?  Unwrapping special trinkets bought by others with us in mind?  Showing the sanctity of the holiday?  Feeling grateful for all that we have?  Sharing what we have with others through giving?  Blessing others and sharing our heartlights?  Surrounding ourselves with peace and love?  Forgiving the past and sharing The Presents of Presence?

Please share with me!

Shine On!



24 thoughts on “What Does Christmas Mean To You?

  1. Seeing the ‘glow’ in others Yvonne, when they receive a gift. This world is usually so hard that everyone is ‘on guard’ emotionally, but Christmas allows them to ‘open’ and finally relax into that place where we should be all the time ❤

  2. Going to university in Bethlehem, PA is as close to living in a literal Christmas village I have gotten. The postmark this time of year changes to include Christmastown USA. They start putting up the Christmas trimmings right after Halloween, not because they are rushing the holiday. There is simply that much to do. My favorite thing though was the reminder of the reason for the season. On the top of the observatory, on the top of South Mountain, is a single Moravian star.

  3. Christmas means love and gratitude to me. I attempt to be filled with Christmas spirit year-round, and with practice I’ve come to experience those feelings to a greater extent every year. I’ve got a long way to go before I feel them all the time, but I love where I’m going and am grateful for it. Thank you for the reminder and question, Misifusa.

  4. Christmas is not my favorite holiday as it has become so commercial. Having said that, I do love the sounds of the season and candlelight service on Christmas Eve is something I look forward to. Until then I will try to keep things simple and remind myself why we celebrate Christmas.

    • Great idea Lulu! I love the Christmas love that comes with the holiday spirit. I can do without the commercialism too and I close my eyes to that part because I don’t like it. I can’t change anyone else but my family and I will keep it simple and joyous. And never forget the reason behind the season itself. ♥

  5. singing the old carols in church on Christmas eve. Watching ” It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Christmas Carol) (the old black and white one) and having the Christmas meal with family.

  6. I love everything about Christmas. Especially the birth of one very special babe who brought peace (not peace from a war but peace within) to a hurting world. When I sing Silent Night peace on earth I remember how a part of God came to earth as a baby to bring us eternal peace. It is a beautiful time if year. We should carry that feeling with us everyday of our lives. The songs, movies, decorations and lights are all my favorite things of Christmas

    • Oh yes Patty! Indeed it is a wonderful time of year for all those reasons and more! I hope we can all carry that feeling with us everyday! Love and peace surrounding the earth! Good will towards all men (and women!) xo

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