Jingle All The Way To Giggle Town

Black Friday shopping isn’t my thing, but I’m getting in the mood for Christmas already.  I can’t help myself.  I find that people smile more when the holiday season arrives and people are nicer (for the most part) as I steer clear of the grinches when I can!

If you need a little break from the turkey fog, take a moment to watch the video below.  Animals singing makes me laugh!  The cleverness of the person who put this video together deserves a standing ovation from me because my face hurts from smiling and laughing.

So, here’s your Friday pick me up, sing along with the Animals of YouTube!

Shine On!



15 thoughts on “Jingle All The Way To Giggle Town

  1. No need for Black Friday shopping to get in the mood for Christmas… not even sure that is really Christmasy anyway. lol.
    My boys had us put up their Santa stocking today and now they’re angling for the whole tree and caboodle.

      • Oh Karel, that’s how I roll with Christmas! Although I secretly do watch the Hallmark channel movies sometimes. They are cheesy but cute. Peace and Love – that’s what it’s all about I think! Well, and maybe a few twinkling white lights…just for decoration!

      • I see the movies on the Hallmark channel and wonder if there are real people in this world like those. My experience with Christmas was very different. I’m glad that you have found a good place in your heart for the holidays.

      • I would love to think there are real people out there like that, but who knows. I haven’t always had the best Christmases, but every year, I am grateful for all of the time I can spend with my children. I have spent many holidays alone, including Christmas eves over the years due to the divorce. It’s hard, but I try to find the Christmas spirit anyway! I hope you can find the Christmas spirit too. xo

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