What Does It Mean To Be Exceptional?


Exceptional is one of those adjectives which cause us to take note of their loving inner beauty and their bright shiny sparkly heartlight when we use it to describe a person.  Or at least, that’s how I used it.

So what does it mean to be exceptional?  Are you a saint because you’re exceptional?  Or are you just a plain ole person who shines their heartlight on others?  Is it innately easy to be exceptional or does it take hard work and planning?  Can you be exceptional in certain aspects and just plain normal in others or is it all-encompassing?

Can exceptional be ruled on an act that you achieve or don’t?  Or is it just a feeling?

Who do you know who is exceptional?  Are you exceptional?  Your kids?  Your spouse?  Your pet?  Your friends?  The Dalai Lama?  Mother Teresa?  Princess Diana?  A person who has overcome adversity?  Do you look up to exceptional people as role models?

How do you define the word exceptional?

  How do you define a person whom you would deem exceptional?

I think exceptional is a lovely description of someone who shines and you, my dear friends, shine exceptionally beautifully!  Big hugs to all today and always.  I can see your heartlights shining from here!

Shine On!




16 thoughts on “What Does It Mean To Be Exceptional?

  1. To me, exceptional means above the norm… so we all have the potential to make the choice to be exceptional in each moment throughout the day. I know, for me, that is easier in some arenas than others. For example, it is easy for me (most days) to strive to be exceptionally considerate of others and skilled at my job… but when it comes to self-care, I’m the antithesis of exceptional.

  2. I think we are all exceptional because of our journey Yvonne. Each step is creating a very incredible tapestry of life, one of great courage from facing so much heartache to a love that is unconditional ❤
    If that isn't exceptional I don't know what is 😀 ❤
    Great post 😀

  3. I love your assumption that being exceptional is a good thing. To me, it means more than the average bear. And I’m most likely to use it before a noun. Common usage: an exceptional asshole. So, not always a good thing!

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