Night Bunny


It’s All Saint’s Day today, along with the famous first of the month, Rabbit, Rabbit, White Rabbit, White Rabbit.  You knew I would remind you, didn’t you?  Quickly, say it if you haven’t already!

It’s also my Dad’s unbirthday (I just made that word up).  Unbirthday because he passed away five years ago, but in my mind, as soon as I hear it’s November 1st, I think of him.  Habit, reflex, nostalgia, and being connected with him even years after his passing makes it a significant day on the calendar for me.  I couldn’t help myself as tears welled up in my eyes this morning thinking of him.  Do you think of loved ones on their unbirthdays even though they have already passed away?

I know the veil is thinner at this time and I am praying for a sign from him.  I don’t know why.  Maybe I want validation that he hears me or that he approves of what I’ve done since he’s been gone.  I guess we never really release that approval piece from a parent or at least I haven’t.  Sad to say I guess, but true.  I want him to be proud of me.  I want him to know that I am trying my best under extraordinary strain at times.  I want him to hug me today even though I know he can’t physically.  I want a sign from him.  Even though I am middle-aged, I think sometimes I feel like a little girl.  Does that make sense?  Do you sometimes feel that way or is it just me?

It’s funny how once you’re middle-aged, we begin to parent our own parents too.  We take care of them as they grow older and are less able to take care of themselves.  I see it all the time with my friends whose parents are still here.  Nobody actually prepares us for the ‘sandwich generation’ piece of life.  We just somehow muddle through it with help from friends and people who have experienced it before us.

But that’s our job.  As the generations before us have done for centuries, we take care of the elder generations.  Parents, family members and such, we are their caretakers as they grow older.  Hopefully we do it with grace and dignity so that we are good role models to our own children, and the younger generations so that they can take care of us as well.

Oh what a tangent I’ve gone off on today.  I’m sorry.  My fingers have just been talking on the keyboard while my cheeks remain tear-stained.

But the other night, I went outside to look at the stars and my little bunny Clover hopped by.  He stayed with me for about 20 minutes before I went back in the house.  He even posed for me sweetly as he is wont to do.  You can see his eyes twinkle in the light of the flash.  He sat nearby and just ate the clover in the grass while I talked with him, pouring my heart out to him.  Isn’t it lovely that we have wildlife who care to listen?

Shine On!



42 thoughts on “Night Bunny

  1. Lovely photo Misi.. and yes, I often think of my Dad too on his Unbirthdays, love that .. And often wonder at it being like a birthday celebration as they return home..

    And I am sure he sends you loads of virtual hugs across the veil..
    Sending you a few too Hugs.. Take care..
    Sue xx

  2. When I think of death, instead of an unbirthday…it’s just birthday. I was in the AF 16 years and never heard of the White Rabbit tradition! Learn something new everyday. Sending you lots of hugs my friend.

  3. I think of my father on the anniversary of his death, but I don’t look for a sign. Mostly, I’m relieved that my mother has been able to move on to a much happier life. Unfortunately, I’m receiving weird signs today, so maybe the veil really is thin right now. The question is who the message is from….

    • I heard my message this morning. As you are aware, our African grey parrot died a few weeks ago. She spoke context appropriately most of the time (in English). As I was getting ready this morning, I heard Ruby’s voice simply say “nice.” I thought it was very sweet (and unexpected). As a bird of few words, she usually spoke when she didn’t see us and spoke mainly single words or short sentences. Since I was the only one in the house and it was very quiet, I’m quite certain of the voice and the word spoken. It was her voice.

      • Oh how lovely Karel! What a sweet way to make you smile. xoxo Thanks for letting me know. I was wondering if you had figure out who was trying to get your attention. How lovely that it was Ruby letting you know she’s still around you ♥

  4. May you get your sign today, and may your heart experience greater peace, Misifusa. With all the love you feel for him, your father must have been the special kind of man who would be proud of you no matter what, and I believe he’d be very proud of you indeed.

    • Thank you Russ. You made my heart feel better. I appreciate your kindness. Dad and I had a difficult relationship at times, but over the years, we grew closer again which was good. Hindsight to miscommunication and misunderstandings helps to heal much prior strife. I try to share with others who may have similar issues to forgive and understand before it’s too late. Lucky for me, we had that peace when he passed.

  5. We are always little girls and boys in our hearts Misifusa. We may have grown up but we still delight in those beautiful things that touch our lives, whether physically or emotionally 😀
    It is in being able to allow our hearts to ‘feel’ those many things in life and not block by our walls that keep us young ❤
    Have a beautiful day, like the one's where your 'connecting' with your horse 😀 ❤

      • Would you believe I’m talking to them over my mobile phone when I ring the owner 😀
        Until I get up there again in a couple of weeks I have been sending healing love and energy for them all, a bit of me until I get back there 😀

      • Oh my gosh Mark! How utterly lovely and loving! I am sure they are listening to every sweet syllable and are anxious to see you again for more healing! Keep up the great work! ♥

      • I’m looking forward to it actually, especially Amigo the horse. The connection with him was incredible, they have such a wonderful love within them…as you now know too 😀 ❤

      • They are a magical animal Misifusa. I will put a picture up of him (a Quarterhorse) and his stablemate Lilly (an Appaloosa) in my gallery later today. It’s a bit hard to see his face because he has a fly veil over it to keep the fly’s off the cancer on his face (plus my picture taking is a little blurry on the one that I got of him) 😀 ❤

      • Mark, I couldn’t find a place to comment on Lilly and Amigo’s photos, so I resorted to our conversation here. How beautiful they are and I love the pups too! Thanks for sharing them! I said a little prayer for all of them too. Especially darling Amigo. xo

      • Thank you kind lady, your blessings will have been gratefully received by them all for sure, and as I am, thank you. Hopefully I will see them again in a week or so 😀 xo
        (By the way, the comments section is way down the bottom of the Gallery page, it didn’t used to be but as I add more and more photo’s the page has become a bit long 😀 )

      • They are from some wanderings that I have done 😀
        And no expectation of a comment, as you have done so well here, it was just to let anyone know where the comment section had disappeared to. Thank you 😀

  6. Funny how traditions can shift — I’ve always said, White Rabbit — 3 times before I say anything on the morning of the first of a month. 🙂

    Your father is probably up in the ethereal realms right now telling all the spirits how proud he is of you. Hugs ❤

  7. I remember my parents on their birthdays and death days as well as in between but never with tears. It would hurt my heart for my children to still be sad when I’m gone. I’ve ordered a party and lots of tales. 😉 I had a very different relationship with my parents and was never “the little girl”. I was the grown up in the family. I keep the memories that were good alive and cherish them. I hope you are feeling better now that the little rabbit has paid you another visit.

    • I am thank you Marlene. I love the party and lots of tales idea! Magnificent! I am the adult now and parent of many instead of the other way around, but that’s fine. At least I got a little girl for awhile in me. I’m sorry youweren’t every the little girl, but instead the grown up. xoxo

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