Make Your Dreams A Reality


Sam and Me!


I had my second lesson the other day.  I am in heaven.  It has long been a dream of mine to learn to ride horses as I told you before here about Charlie.

I am making my own dreams come true and I’m truly loving it!

This smile that you see is only a fraction of the one when I was on Sam’s back learning how to balance and ride in the ring.  He is even bigger than Charlie (seriously!) and so I needed a mounting block to get on his back.  But, I am proud to say, that I dismounted all on my own without the block – ok, I’ll be honest, I slid off him, but I did land on my feet and not on my rear end!  That was a plus I think!

Oh my goodness, when I tell you how much my heart is bursting with happiness, there aren’t even enough words to explain how I feel.  It’s euphoria that I am doing what I have always wanted to do!  I feel like my heartlight is shining so brightly!  If I could financially swing everyday riding lessons, I wouldn’t think twice about it.  That’s how much I am enjoying my time with these horses.  Truly.

Go after your dreams.  Don’t lose them because you never know when you will get the chance to enjoy them!

Shine On!


15 thoughts on “Make Your Dreams A Reality

  1. Horses are interesting creatures. Not as easy to cuddle with as dogs, but they do have unique personalities. My wife and one daughter rode for years and I was able to experience that first hand. Good luck and keep on smilin’

    • Thanks Ray! Yes, they are hard to cuddle due to their great size, but both Charlie and Sam nestled into my neck/shoulder and I was just in love immediately. But dogs/cats are much easier to cuddle with for sure, but I can’t ride them! LOL Ok, I’ll share that when I was 3 years old, my parents found me trying to ride our big black Labrador retriever like she was a horse. Guess I’ve always wanted to ride! I’m so glad the beautiful women in your life rode horses! Why weren’t you on one yourself? Just wondering…

  2. Riding is such a wonderful experience Misifusa and I had a few lessons as a young child, unfortunately my parents funds did not allow for many, I would run along side my school friends who lived on farms and had horses of their own, who would let me ride from time to time as I followed on foot for miles.. LOL.. SO that SMILE, I can well relate to when in the saddle.. Enjoy.. YOU are positively glowing.. xxx

  3. An amazing story. I always wanted to ride when I was young. I’m surprised I never made it come true, as I was obsessed. You make me believe . . . maybe someday . . .

  4. I hear you Misifusa, and feel the light 😀 ❤
    It is such a beautiful connection with these amazing animals, I'm still digesting my connection from last week.
    Enjoy the journey, it will leave a love like nothing else ❤

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