Ceasing Cacophony With Charlie’s Help


For years, the cacophony in my head about all the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s reigned.  Due to circumstances in my life, there wasn’t a lot of me time allotted in my day.  I put what I wanted to do on the back burner while I helped others.  My life was turned upside down with a series of deaths, divorce, illness and trying to get through the days.

I have always wanted to learn to horseback ride.  For years, my sons and I would drive past the horse farms and I would routinely say how much I wanted to learn to ride.  I tried getting them to go on a trail ride with me, but neither had any interest.

Now that things in my life are steadier, I finally decided to do something for me that I had been wanting to do for a long time.  Yesterday, I had my first lesson with Charlie the horse.

I was nervous at first.  Horses in my mind were these beautiful gentle souls, but not so big!  As you can see in the photo, he’s much bigger than me, which at first, was a little daunting.  As it was, to brush his mane, I had to get up on tiptoes!

Charlie and me

Sharing the love with Charlie

Feeding Charlie a treat!

I think Charlie likes ‘cookies’ as much as I do!










I realized afterwards how much I haven’t been living my life to its fullest potential.  I was staying small and not trying what I really wanted to do.  Although I only walked Charlie yesterday, it was a good, healing, connecting start to a new chapter in my life.

The barn atmosphere was lovely.  The people I met were kind, accepting and helpful.  I felt a peace within when I left after my first lesson.  It’s as if a soul healing has begun in me that is deeper than I’ve felt in a long time.  I’m so grateful for the whole experience and I can’t wait for my next lesson!

I hope you won’t mind if I post occasionally about my Charlie.  Yes, he’s my Charlie now.  Like me, he’s had some hard times in the past.  He has scars that are healing too.  He’s not as young as he used to be, but he has a big ole heart and is open to friendship.

Any horse peeps out there?  I’m obviously a newbie so please feel free to share any tips, advice, experiences because I’m all ears!

What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon with Charlie!

Shine On!


30 thoughts on “Ceasing Cacophony With Charlie’s Help

  1. I am 59y/o and started riding about 5 years ago. It is one of the places I go and feel absolute peace and joy! From the moment I arrive and start to interact with the horse, I think of nothing but our connection until I’m in the car headed home. Horses are amazing and healing and loving and fun! Wishing you many years of connection and happiness.

    • Cindy, thanks for sharing! I’m starting a little younger than you, but not by much! I feel like this is a turning point for me and I’m so excited and happy about it! I hope we stay in touch! 🙂

  2. Charlie’s a beauty and you’ll have such fun. Relaxing is the first step, as a horse can sense when you’re nervous. Just take your time and get lots of practice. Read about horses and riding. Hang out with Charlie and remember that, just like children, you can love a horse, but never forget you’re in charge and he isn’t. 🙂 I’m so excited about your new venture.


  3. A kindred soul can come into our lives in a myriad of forms, shapes and sizes. It sounds like Charlie is such a being for you. I look forward to reading more of your new friendship and insights that come from it. Your beautiful smile at Charlie says a lot 🙂 You are glowing.

  4. Your not going to believe this Misifusa, but that farm house sit (this weekend just gone), with some ill animals that I spoke of last week, went places I had never dreamed.
    The horse with cancer in its eye and face had a rejection from his original owner which left him not connecting with his now female owner.
    As I had a Bowen Therapy on the night I had arrived at the farm, I went through an incredible ‘re-living’ of my feelings of rejection and isolation from my previous marriage.
    So when I finally met and began to interact with this horse the most incredible connection began, and in such a way that we began to fully trust and begin something that was the most amazing thing with an animal that I have ever experienced.
    At one stage as I was giving him a healing (I also do Bowen, Reiki and energy work), he began to sway in tune to my touch, even to the point he leaned his head into my neck and gently leaned into my energy.
    It has been an amazing weekend.
    So I understand your ‘connection’ Misifusa, to finally be in a place to express something that has always been there but never had a chance to be ‘lived’. It is something that will change you…and the ‘unconditional’ within it is amazing. They don’t ask for anything, just an acceptance of what they are, as they accept us 😀
    Good luck with this journey, I hope it also opens an amazing encounter ❤

    • Mark, thank you for sharing your incredible experience! How wonderful for the horse and for you! I love amazing weekends! I am looking forward to my next time with Charlie. I realized so much afterwards about myself that I wasn’t really able to put into words. But the gratitude for the realization and start of healing was firmly there. That’s the best part. I will keep you all in the loop about my adventures with my Charlie! 🙂 ♥

  5. I have no experience whatsoever with horses but my former sister-in-law can go and hug a horse and her depression lifts instantly. If I sense she is heading down the well, I tell her to go visit her friends horses for an hour. They are healing animals and I do wish I had one available here. I don’t think you even need to ride them. Just close proximity is beneficial. I do understand about the rigors of life. I’ve had more than my share as well. I think I need to do something like that myself. You are very wise, Yvonne, to get out there and start.

    • Thanks Marlene. It was a bit out of my comfort zone when I got there and realized how big in person he was! I mean, I have been trail riding before and up on horses before, but this was such a reality kicker. And I loved it! I am grateful that your SIL has you to remind her to go heal with the horses. How amazing is that! I had heard that before as well. I hope you find something for yourself. Keep in touch and let me know when you find it! Maybe you want to hug a horse too? 🙂

      • That makes me smile. As an old woman who sneaks up ladders when no one is looking, a horse isn’t what I consider a height. Now, try to get me on one of those gondolas or trams that hang from wires and you will see some real fear. I’m afraid of flying and many other things that I do anyway. (see me shrugging shoulders) My daughter bought me a book many many years ago called Feel the fear and do it anyway. I know you are going to do wonderful on your Charlie. Looking forward to hearing about it. I am still behind on blog reading. 😦

      • No worries about blog reading Marlene. I love to fly by the way and as long as my feet are on some type of surface that’s steady, I don’t mind the heights. But ladders – no way! I’m impressed with you! Off to see my Charlie today. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks for the support. I truly appreciate our friendship xo

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